Mavalaticha Surya Marathi Essay | MAVATICHA SURAY ESSAY IN MARATHI

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Mavalaticha Surya Marathi Essay | MAVATICHA SURAY ESSAY IN MARATHI

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Mavalaticha Surya Marathi Essay | MAVATICHA SURAY ESSAY IN MARATHI


Mavalaticha Surya Marathi Essay | MAVATICHA SURAY ESSAY IN MARATHI

Hello friends, today we are the setting sun We will look at Marathi essays. Nature has done great favors to human beings. The sun is the brightest and most powerful star in our solar system. This sun rises regularly.

He illuminates the whole creation with radiance, gives light, Gives heat; But he has never squandered his work, nor has he sent us a bill for this light-heat. This sun is our friend. A true friend. No matter how you treat him, he

Never change your behavior No. The sun rises and sets every day without fail. The sun is the same; But all bow down to the rising sun, and pay obeisance. Let his golden feet come into my house, they pray. Plants and plants make their food in the sun. That is why the rising sun gets more respect.

“It simply came to our notice then

Who turns his back and falls. “

Such is the way of the world; Such a human tendency Is. But this sun never laments about it. His attitude is philanthropic. When the sun goes down, it looks like a red, golden ball. Slowly it begins to move west. When he falls, he goes down very slowly.

Before that, twilight appears in the sky. He looks amazing. Darkness spreads over the horizon. But before that the shade of red, mixed with the golden color, that composite light looks very beautiful. ____The sunset and the moonrise at the same time are truly indescribable! While watching this scene, one becomes aware of the things that happen in practice.

This is exactly what is happening. Someone Retires; So someone is appointed in that place or in politics also a party falls and at the same time a new party emerges. There is no one to save the drowning.

He is bade farewell as Ram Ram. This truth comes to the fore, seeing the setting sun. The setting sun makes us aware of human instincts. Man is very selfish. He worships for his own selfishness. The suffix ‘there will be shites, but there will be ghosts’ is always coming. Even so, the sun is still.

Condemn or worship him, nothing to him It doesn’t matter. It goes downhill from here; But he is working somewhere. So in one country it is night, in another it is day. The sun is the same; That is why I think this declining sun is a guru who teaches a lot through his actions without speaking. The real test of man is in the time of fall.

“Make the day go by.

Arghya tuj deuni do both. ”

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