My Country Marathi Essay. Maza Desh essay in Marathi

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My Country Marathi Essay. Maza Desh essay in Marathi

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My Country Marathi Essay. Maza Desh essay in Marathi


My Country Marathi Essay. Maza Desh essay in Marathi

Hello friends, today you are my country We will look at Marathi essays. ‘Janani Janmabhoomishch Swargadapi Gariyasi’ Janani and Janmabhoomi are superior to the heavens. The worship of the country is the worship of the true God.

“Dilse will come out of the country even after death Bhagat Singh, the eldest son of Mother India, who lived and died for the country and died for the country. His patriotism is well known.

Sukhdev, Rajguru, Chhota of Nandurbar Shirish was martyred for his motherland. “The blood of a patriot is the seed of the tree of freedom,” said Thomas Campbell. “Patriots gained freedom by shedding blood, they gave it to us,

But today The situation is worrisome. Our country is mired in selfishness, corruption, looting, inflation and poverty. Mother India has turned twenty. Her door is shaking. Problems are swallowing her. Real unity is needed.

Annoyingly Libran – always rational, easily hurt emotionally, very passionate and maybe a little too intense They should have proper governance. Nothing should happen that would tarnish the image of the country. India’s prestige in the international arena should also increase. Counterfeiting of export goods should be stopped.

Indians than foreign goods Indigenous goods should be used. Smart people should work in India without going for foreign jobs, but they can repay the debt of Mother India. Everyone should try to protect the interests and secrets of the country. .

Everyone’s food, clothing, shelter These basic needs must be met and people must be made literate by eradicating the darkness of ignorance. Superstitions must be eradicated. Economic inequality must be reduced. To do all this is to worship the country.

Just promise – ‘India is my country… etc. will not work. Direct action is needed. We want to take the spirit of national unity into our hearts and implement our resolve to serve the country. We want to forget our differences and take the path of cooperation away from violence.

Social enlightenment, the torch of national feeling This should enlighten the whole country. Only if there is an effective and conducive leadership to the national interest, will a person live for the country with the understanding that ‘the country is God’. Whether it is a natural calamity, a threat to foreigners or a social calamity, fighting together will lead to national service.

“There will be billions of bodies

The wrist is one of our ”

That is what the great poet Kusumagraj said Sangitalaya. We must remember the true meaning of freedom today by remembering the current situation. “The torch of freedom is burning in the heart of the revolution.

The freedom you have been given,

What did you do to cure it?

We are all Indians Everyone should be very proud of this. Harassment by aliens, growing population, corruption, tyranny, increasing pollution, ignorance, illiteracy, superstition, stereotypes and natural disasters.

All this must be fought.I want to make the country more auspicious, holy, strong and strong. Thanks