My Favorite Hobby Marathi Essay | Maza Avadta Chand Essay in Marathi

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My Favorite Hobby Marathi Essay | Maza Avadta Chand Essay in Marathi

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My Favorite Hobby Marathi Essay | Maza Avadta Chand Essay in Marathi


My Favorite Hobby Marathi Essay | Maza Avadta Chand Essay in Marathi

Hello friends Today you are my favorite hobby We will look at Marathi essays. That being said, there are a lot of things I love. I love nature I love the sunrise in the sky.

Also saffron in the evening sky The farmer also loves the sunset. In the rainy season, he likes a river that swells like a river and flows unconsciously.

Nature’s leaves, flowers, animals, everything Love everything I am fascinated by the glitter of a snake. I think it should be wrapped around the neck like a shiny snake, Shankara. Loves a deciduous tree that casts a dense shade on the ground; I also like the evergreen vine that looks like a snake walking towards the tree.

Man-made like nature Love things too. How much? I have H. M. T. I really like his watch. With a little hesitation, I got an H from Baba. M. T.’s watch was recovered. The next day he tied it on his wrist and went to school with a big mind.

He proudly showed it to anyone he met. A friend said, ‘How big is this clock? If you want to tie it, how strong should your wrist be? Your wrist is a cilantro stick! ‘ ‘Why did you take white? I want gold! ‘ Another friend’s opinion. What a disk!

The numbers look good but they don’t. ‘ The third bhakla. Done! My love for that watch began to wane like the ebb and flow of the sea. The next day, while shaking the clock, my hands started shaking. I went to school without a watch.

In my mind with this simple incident Thoughts erupted. My love Oh, but my love – my love! Do I have the freedom to choose her? I started liking my favorite watch, why? So that’s why my friends didn’t like it!

So whose interest is certain? My or someone else’s? I have no interest in studying at all. Why should I do that? So mom loves dad! I like working in drama, I love playing cricket. But I don’t want to do that, why? So parents don’t like it.

Oh, then what is my favorite ? Truth be told, my friends, what we call ‘my love’ is not our love, it belongs to others. My sister who goes to college says, ‘I like to wear sari on the ninth day. But I’m not wearing it.

Because my girlfriends will love it No. They will tingle me. ‘ So who cares? Now look at this! I liked my essay. It is my passion to write such an essay. But would the masters like it? Would the examiners like it? Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks