My inspiration Marathi essay | My Source Of Inspiration Essay In Marathi

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My inspiration Marathi essay | My Source Of Inspiration Essay In Marathi

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My inspiration Marathi essay | My Source Of Inspiration Essay In Marathi


My inspiration Marathi essay | My Source Of Inspiration Essay In Marathi

Hello friends, today you are my inspiration We will look at Marathi essays. When listening to an interview with a famous person, the first question of the interviewer is heard. ‘From whom did you draw inspiration? What is your inspiration? ‘ Because of my good progress in studies, I am also sometimes asked questions.

From whom did you draw inspiration? What is your inspiration And without a moment’s hesitation, I answer quickly, the sun rising and setting on its own time, my first inspiration. The sun illuminates the whole world with pure light. Charachar gives life to creation.

Does not bear the mark of darkness. Although not as bright as the sun, I find the rising and setting moon to be just as inspiring. It is as if he were reassuring the world, which was plunged into darkness because of the setting sun, ‘Don’t be afraid.

The sun has set, but so am I. ‘ And this moon bathes the whole world with its calm, smooth moonlight. In short, the light that gives life to the whole world is my inspiration. Why not tell a story of a fall.

‘When the sun goes down, the whole world is in darkness After drowning, an anxious germ asked an apologetic question, ‘Who will give you light now that the sun has set?’ A voice came from somewhere, ‘I am not,’ “I will give you light according to my strength.” I saw that the tone was a little panty. She is my inspiration for the calm light.

And the tide at the sign of the moon Sea -? Why don’t you take inspiration from him? Like all aquatic creatures, the ocean that holds Davagri in its belly with love. Didn’t Vinda say, ‘Take a cage from the ocean that swells.’

All in all, friends, all around you Nature that fills the whole sky is my inspiration. The most sought after item is the one that inspires me. Rivers – streams, trees – valleys, mountains – kindness, leaves – flowers, earth – sky all seem inspiring.

It should flow like a river, like a stream Keep it cool, become a tree, provide shade and support. Itukali vine wrapped in a tree is not appreciated for its affection and coexistence. I want to embrace the sky, to expand the sky, the power of the forgiving like the earth.

That read the characters of great people We don’t know that people grew up with inspiration from someone and made their life meaningful. It is impossible to say whether a little man like you can inspire anyone. But we can take inspiration.

So take inspiration and yours Life should be made golden. Study: – Words have three powers. 1) Adjectives 2) Symptoms 3) Consonants. As soon as we utter a word, we become enlightened. That thing stands before our eyes. E.g. Mango is said to be a specific fruit, cow is said to be a specific animal. This became the title. The symptom is one The word is used in a different sense than its specific meaning (adjective). E.g. There was a thorn in the flesh.

The meaning of thorn in this phrase No thorns. To have a talisman around the neck ‘- Tait here is not a specific item used around the neck. Consonant – A word has a different meaning than its usual meaning. The meaning is implied. E.g. Take the giver’s hand one day!

The hand is not an organ of our body. The meaning of the hand – the meaning of the hand – the generosity of a generous man – his gift is his attitude – then the attitude of the giver should be taken. Every word in the essay ‘My inspiration’ should be taken carefully Symptoms – (noun) Symbolic (adjective.) Nutrition in the path: If you read the character of any big man, you will know that the big man is inspired by someone.

Veer Savarkar by Italian Revolutionary Joseph Inspired by Mazzini. He wrote, “If anyone has given me more inspiration than saffron, it is Shi.” M. By Paranjpya’s ‘Kaal’ newspaper. Then the revolutionaries like Madanlal Dhingra, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru etc. took inspiration from Swatantryaveer Savarkar.

Inspiring others in such a way No one ever forgets individuals. But look at the cricketers in cricket who are very popular. Ask Thor cricket critic Dwarkanath Sanjgiri and he will tell you that his record Sehwag-Dravid duo Vinu Mankad And even Sehwag Dravid does not know the names of Pankaj Roy. Isn’t that the maximum?

The great players deserve to be inspired Yes, why not get that player information? What do you call this atheism? Conservatism about prehistory or indifference to prehistory? This is a pity. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks