National Integration Marathi Essay | Rashtriya Ekatmata Essay in English

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National Integration Marathi Essay | Rashtriya Ekatmata Essay in English

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National Integration Marathi Essay | Rashtriya Ekatmata Essay in English


National Integration Marathi Essay | Rashtriya Ekatmata Essay in English

Hello friends, today we have national unity We will look at Marathi essays. “Different disguises, different languages, different religions, different paths, different cults, yet one culture.” India is a fragmented country. There is a diversity of nature here. Diversity is also found in human lifestyles.

Language, creed, dress, manners, There are also differences in diet and behavior. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. The teachings of our culture are based on the foundation of tolerance.

Its history, cultural heritage Is the provider of unity to the nation. Because, the vision of unity also comes from the diversity of the nation. Rivers, mountains, towns and places of pilgrimage, which are considered sacred even by religions, are scattered all over India, not just one part.

So despite the many differences The idea of ​​Indianness is ancient. The integrated culture of India is the foundation of unity. During that period, the country was exploited to the maximum.

He followed the policy of ‘divide and conquer’ Adopted. Divided into people. Struggled in religion. This created division and divided India. This sense of difference became an obstacle to Indian unity. In order to achieve national unity, it was necessary to cultivate a national attitude.

Without it, the power of the nation will not increase. As long as strength does not increase, there will be no national unity. For this, there was a need to create awareness in the society. Many glorious sons of Mother India did this work and strengthened the unity of the country, so the chain at the feet of Mother India fell and India became independent.

Sixty years after India became independent today More time has passed. Enemy operations are still going on today. The enemy is occasionally pulling on the head. There are also burglars. The country is in the throes of terrorism. At such a time, all citizens of India need to come together.

Only national festivals are celebrated every year Will not run away; So for social change, economic progress, peaceful life, raising the image of the country in the world, all need to come together. Promising ‘we are all Indians’ is not enough; So it should be felt from the heart.

Only then will India be strong, We can move towards the goal of ‘Be beautiful in the world’. Our soldiers are fighting hard for the country.

Also, every Indian is corrupt, a thief India will be the best country in the world if it stays away from imports, exports, treason and embraces the sentiment of ‘my country, my country’. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks