Newspaper Essays | essay on newspaper in english

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Newspaper Essays | essay on newspaper in english

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Newspaper Essays | essay on newspaper in english


Newspaper Essays | essay on newspaper in english

Hello friends, today we Newspaper Essays You will know essays on this subject. In the cities, newspapers are eagerly awaited as soon as it is morning. If the newspaper arrives late, people’s impatience increases. Nowadays, like morning cup of tea, newspaper has also become mandatory. As soon as the newspapers arrive, everyone’s curiosity increases.

Homeowners want to know the major political news of the world. The housewife wants to know about Teej festival and gold and silver prices. School, college going teenagers and youth want to get the latest news related to sports.

Retired grandparents get impatient to read editorial columns. The arrival of the newspaper fills the whole house with unique vigor and curiosity.

Today is the age of news. Newspapers give us detailed information about the activities of different fields like political, business, economic, cultural etc. of the country and abroad. Newspapers tell us about sports competitions and their results.

Newspapers also publish entertaining material like horoscopes, poems, stories, essays etc. In fact, the newspaper is a mirror of its age. By peeking into it, we can do Yugadarshan.

Newspapers also propagate and disseminate different types of ideologies. Some newspapers are proponents of capitalist ideology, while others nurture socialist ideology. Some newspapers focus on regional or local news, some on national news. There are some such newspapers.

Which give special importance to international news. The newspaper is the representative of the people. He protects the rights of the people. He works to curb the arbitrariness of the government with his fearless criticism. He impartially analyzes the views of the people and the government.

Political, social and cultural changes have taken place in Sakai Dasha through newspapers. Explaining the power and influence to the newspapers, the Urdu poet Akbar Allahabadi has said, do not pull the bows, do not draw the sword, when the cannon is against, pull out the newspaper.

In our country also newspapers have played an important role in awakening the society and the country. His contribution in the freedom struggle has been very effective. In this regard, the names of newspapers like ‘Kesari’, ‘Maratha’, ‘Aaj’, ‘Pratap’, ‘Times of India’ etc. are noteworthy.

Newspapers are powerful means of publicity and advertising. Therefore, they have special significance for traders and industrialists.

In today’s age, the responsibility of newspapers has increased. Their main responsibility is to be vigilant guardians of democracy and to protect the rights of the people. They should not become a means of spreading the poison of communalism and try to stop social hatred. Newspapers should serve the public impartially and fearlessly.

In the present age, the newspaper is the only means by which the educated society can satisfy its mental hunger. Guys, tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting.