Niraksharachi Kaifiyat Marathi Essay | NIRAKSHRACHI KAIFIYAT ESSAY IN MARATHI

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Niraksharachi Kaifiyat Marathi Essay | NIRAKSHRACHI KAIFIYAT ESSAY IN MARATHI

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Niraksharachi Kaifiyat Marathi Essay | NIRAKSHRACHI KAIFIYAT ESSAY IN MARATHI


Niraksharachi Kaifiyat Marathi Essay | NIRAKSHRACHI KAIFIYAT ESSAY IN MARATHI

Hello friends, today you are illiterate We will look at Marathi essays. I am a man with the status of ‘Kala Akshar Bhansabarabar’. The master of our village says, “You are a beast without horns. If you don’t have tails and horns, then you are an animal.

“Once I hit them. Then he said, “Oh baby, do cows, buffaloes, goats, tigers, lions ever have a school? Do they study? Can they read and write?” I said, “No! Then he asked again, “Then why did you go to school?” Why did you learn to read and write? I mean, you and that beast are one and the same!

What is the difference between you and an animal? There is a tail. You are a man because you don’t have it.

Someone in our previous generation also learned No. We never saw the face of the school. As a kid, I used to hang out. I used to go to the river, catch fish in the river, climb trees, pick fruits and eat them, run after cattle, wag their tails

I used to eat fermented food. Once upon a time Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. When I was not ready, they beat me with green fox. I went to school; But he ran away from school on the first day, he never went to school again.

Grew up I am also a landlord He works all day on the farm as an agricultural laborer. He has a wife and children. They are near the village. Sends money every month. That money is used by his wife and children. Sometimes there is a holiday. If I had learned today,

So we have all our family together Is left. I could have given my children a better life. But what’s the use now? One day it was a joke. I sent money to my wife. His acknowledgment came. I saw my wife’s signature on it and I was confused. My guess is that the money was taken by someone else. I went to the post.

I showed the receipt to the postmaster The doubts in my mind were expressed. The postmaster confirmed and said, “Your wife signed and took the money.” Still, I couldn’t believe it. I began to think. My wife is just like me.

She can’t sign. All of the back She has her thumb on the receipts and how about signing now? I was so confused. I asked the owner for leave. The owner asked the reason. I told the whole truth. The owner also explained to me; But I do not know.

I can read it because I am illiterate Was not; And everyone was reading to me. The wife’s name; But the notion that someone wrote it and made a lot of money, did not go away. I took leave and went to the village.

When we got home, the children were studying Was. I asked them, “Where did your mother go?” I didn’t understand anything. Leaving the children alone for the night, I went to the sarpanch’s chawdi. If you look, there is an adult literacy class. The men and women of the village were all reading and writing.

Now I understand everything. The wife is now able to sign. The signature on the receipt was hers and the money was hers. What caused all this scandal? Due to illiteracy. That day I felt ashamed of myself and my wife Pride! From then on, I tell everyone, get your kids into school. Teach them. Illiteracy is a stigma of society.

Let’s learn letters, let’s become literate!

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