Not all days are the same sab din hot na ek saman essay in english

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Not all days are the same sab din hot na ek saman essay in english

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Not all days are the same sab din hot na ek saman essay in english


Not all days are the same sab din hot na ek saman essay in english

Hello friends, today we are all day Not everyone will know the same essay on this subject. Every person’s life is always changing. Change is the mantra of life. The same truth is pointed out in this statement, ‘All days are not the same’. There is not always a single situation in a person’s life.

The moonlight night of happiness followed by the darkness of sorrow Night arrives. In the same way, after a bad day, good day is sure to come. When one forgets this truth and becomes impatient in the days of sorrow, then his well-wishers comfort him and say- ‘All days are not the same.’

This statement applies to everyone, whether rooted or conscious.
The whole nature seems to follow this legislation. After the intense sunshine of summer comes the cool spray of rain. The clear blue sky of autumn takes the place of the sky surrounded by rain clouds. Childhood carelessness turns into adolescent self-loathing.

After some time, this teenager became a self-respecting young man
Goes. Soon the young man begins to appear as a responsible adult. Adulthood turns into old age and finally one day death comes secretly and casts a shadow over this life-like drama. Thus the unbroken sequence of change in creation continues.

The cycle of time is constantly revolving. Due to his influence, it does not take long for the king to become the rank and the poor to become the benefactor of Lakshmi. Just like the lives of individuals, the lives of nations also keep changing.

The vast British Empire never had a sunsetToday, the same is reduced to a small archipelago. The Soviet Union, which was one of the world’s superpowers, today has lost its former dignity by being divided into many pieces.

In the fierce flames of World War II Japan’s everything was burnt down, today it has risen to the peak of prosperity and remains the leader of the countries of the world. Seeing these miraculous changes comes out of the mouth spontaneously ‘not all days are the same.’

Seeing this unbroken sequence of change We must continue to work enthusiastically. The time of prosperity definitely comes in the life of every person. In the same way, after reaching the peak of progress, the moment of its downfall may also come. If change does not continue like this, then inertia will come in the world.

Welcome to this unbroken sequence of change
While doing, ‘Prasad’ ji says – ‘Enjoy the ever newness, have done the change.’ If the current of change stops and all the days remain the same, then the empire of oldness will start appearing all around and the new generation will not get any opportunity for development.

After a period the older generation own
Flexibility is lost and unable to welcome new ideas. Then it becomes imperative for him to bow down to change and make room for the new generation.

Frustrated by the decline, we do not make our own progress Should stop. We should keep moving towards our destination, considering happiness and sorrow as equal. Sometimes laughter plays on the face of a human being, sometimes a stream of tears flows. It is appropriate that while accepting the unbroken stream of change, we should always move forward on our path of duty, because- ‘Every day is not the same.’ Friends, please tell us by commenting how you felt about this essay.