Orphan’s autobiography Marathi essay | Aanath Mulache Aatmavrutta Marathi Essay

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Orphan’s autobiography Marathi essay | Aanath Mulache Aatmavrutta Marathi Essay

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Orphan’s autobiography Marathi essay | Aanath Mulache Aatmavrutta Marathi Essay


Orphan’s autobiography Marathi essay | Aanath Mulache Aatmavrutta Marathi Essay

Hello friends, today we have the autobiography of an orphan boy We will look at Marathi essays. “Whoever is loved by the world, who has no close relationship, is called an orphan by the world. So am I an orphan? Yes, I am baseless! Orphans! I have no one in this world; And I don’t belong to anyone.

But still on my goodness, laborAnd faith. The one who gave the beak arranges the fodder. The name of the eater is written on the grain. But it takes effort. You have to be honest. Knowledge has to be acquired. You have to give something to get something.

Shidori is knowledge, labor, restraint, loyalty, humility Is. I was born in a prosperous village. Mountains on all sides and village situated in between. Just like being put in a drone! The village is surrounded by forests, the water of the flowing river and the temple of Lord Shiva on the banks of that river. That’s it

Mahadev’s blessings on the village. Happiness in the village-The solution. Hardworking people I am also a part of this village. My father was a temple priest in the village. The religious activities in the village were done by my father. My mother is actually a nun. I was fortunate to be born to such good parents. Not everyone gets the best of life.

How can I be an exception to that? My origin is the best, the best of all; So cultured. Edge to the intellect. Excerpts are great. Good manners on the voice; So the smell of Saraswati on the tongue. Healthy, healthy body. ___ I was ten years old. My father and I had gone to a neighboring village for a yajna.

A big yag was taking place in the village. The atmosphere in the village was auspicious with chanting. Samidha was falling in the sacrifice. The flames were getting brighter. While smoking, his father’s health suddenly deteriorated. I was horrified to see their condition. He rushed to the doctor. They checked and started going as ‘sorry’. I stopped them and asked,

“Doctor, what happened to my father?”The doctor said, “Baby, your father has left this world.” These words were ringing in my ears; But did not reach the heart. The brain became deaf. The sudden onset of depression left me feeling depressed. The mother could not bear the shock; So she too followed Baba to the house of God. From then on, my misfortune began.

I became an orphan. At the same time on me The parents lost the umbrella and the ‘orphan’ stamp was stamped. What’s next for me? This question fell before the villagers. Many thoughts came forward. Someone should adopt it, put it in some orphanage, I was silently listening to everything.

But there came a moment when I told everyone, “I will not leave this village. I will worship Mahadev in the temple every day. Veda reading is learned. I will learn the same knowledge later. I will carry on my father’s legacy. I will not adopt anyone.

Everyone should give me a helping hand. As an elder, be blessed with love. I will continue to do all the religious work in the village. ” The villagers were amazed at my confidence and courage. All the women in the village were ready to give me love like a child.

When I wake up every day my mother-I remember my father, greet him, bless him, and begin my routine. I have no problem with self-reliance. I do all my own work. He worships God daily. Then

Starts my routine. During the day, I get enough rice and Dakshina to feed my stomach. I go to school regularly. Obey the Guru. Accepts the knowledge they impart. I want to be tenfold. Dharma is to be protected by mastering the study of Vedas.

People call me an ‘orphan’. Sometimes my kiosks do too. I don’t think so. Today my parents are not alive; But I will carry on the legacy I inherited from them. The Akshay Shidori they gave me will last me a lifetime.

Then I find myself miserable, miserable, Understand the weak? Good or bad always happens in the world. When adversity befalls man, his strength also increases so that man can overcome adversity.

I do the same. Then I am you I ask everyone the same question “So how am I an orphan? I am an orphan in the eyes of the world; but I don’t think so. Because I believe you are the architect of our life.