Our class teacher Marathi essay | Aamche Vargshikshak Essay In Marathi

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Our class teacher Marathi essay | Aamche Vargshikshak Essay In Marathi

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Our class teacher Marathi essay | Aamche Vargshikshak Essay In Marathi


Our class teacher Marathi essay | Aamche Vargshikshak Essay In Marathi

Hello friends, today you are our class teacher We will look at Marathi essays. I came from elementary school to secondary school. Different teachers for each subject. But still, one day I realized that they are the ones who bring the attendance books in their hands in the first hour, they are our class teachers.

Now my last year of school. This year I have class teachers! Sathesar is an ideal teacher, strict in rules, disciplined, punctual and studious. They have mastery over their subject. Anything must be done on time,

This they explain very well; So no one avoids what they say. Our class and our class teacher are the best example of how the relationship between student and teacher should be. All work done on time!

Our heads are very simple. Clothing that is clean, neat, and will suit your profession; Use. Very neat and tidy. A happy personality. Soft talk Heartfelt love for the students. Therefore, no one even thinks of deliberately harassing Sara.

It’s never in anyone’s mind-Are not in the middle. They are ajatashatru because of their attitude that you are good and your work is good. They do their duty perfectly.

Great as our Sir Man Are; But if you evaluate them as a teacher, they will get a lot of marks. They have a wealth of knowledge. English is their main subject. They teach English grammar in a very simple way. Poetry should be taught by our teachers!

Ask any word, including the word Explain its meaning. They are walking-talking dictionaries. Speak English; But very neatly. He never taught with a guide in hand. The lesson, its author, its content, its context, everything by word of mouth!

All the poems in the textbook are his There are lessons. They resolve any doubts as far as we understand. Whenever you have any doubts, they will tell you right away. There is no manipulation in it. They teach the raw children in the class by giving them different time.

Solving any number of question papers Let them check, there are Sir Harhunari who will make a proper assessment with all the suggestions. They play the satar very well. Whether it’s a children’s trip or an event, they plan well. The guide will also provide information about the places during the trip.

Study them before you go anywhere Is ready. There is no doubt that our class teachers, who are so studious, friendly and love students, will always be remembered. Only pay; So these are not the ones who do the job for the stomach.

So from the heart of the teaching profession Long live our loving, truly generating generation, and good health to them! Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks