Our Homeowner Marathi Essay | Aamche Gharmalak Essay IN Marathi

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Our Homeowner Marathi Essay | Aamche Gharmalak Essay IN Marathi

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Our Homeowner Marathi Essay | Aamche Gharmalak Essay IN Marathi


Our Homeowner Marathi Essay | Aamche Gharmalak Essay IN Marathi

Hello friends, today you are our landlord We will look at Marathi essays. ‘Crazy people build houses and wise people live in them. It used to be so. We live in a castle. The castle is as old as time. Therefore, the structure of the castle is the same as before.

Even the landlord of our castle We live in their castle, not ours. Homeowners are bigots. They have a lot of twists and turns. Devdharma, Poojaarcha, Kuladharma, Kulachar are all in his house. Amohotra too!

Everyone calls our landlord ‘Anna’. Anna is the old turn. Dhotar, coat, hat is his attire. Begging in the ears, shendi maintained, face rough and voice hilly. So it is immediately clear whether they are in the castle or not. His speech is very fruitful, blunt. The more you have to go to pay the rent, the more others have access to their home.

Their awe at home. They will say, He also ordered the members of the house to behave. No one who comes to the castle late at night consumes them at all. Dindi-door locked at night. No one wants to come after 11, this is their rule. Someday someone will be late,

So they first whispered in Anna’s ear, Only then will you get the key. Because of their fear, all members of our household return home early. They know who comes to whose house, who goes. If there is a quarrel in someone’s house, they are not well. What about Anna? ‘ That word is enough.

Hence the doers of the house If there is fear of a man, then no one dares to behave. Everyone has a kind of discipline because of the mentality of all the people in the castle; There is a kind of turn.

Sanai will be played in the palace on Diwali morning. Bhupalya after that. Everyone’s bath is going to be very early. On the first day of Diwali, however, in the morning at Anna Wada Chowk, Farala will be arranged for everyone at their own expense. Then one morning in the fog, everyone had a meal. Hot soft-soft khichdi they grow all by themselves.

Someone had a problem, Then they will run. Their identity is immense! Everyone will benefit from their identity. Knowledge of herbal medicines to them; So usually no one in the castle has a doctor. Minor pain disappears with a pinch!

Seeing this, Anna looks angry. In the beginning, we used to call him ‘Hitler Anna’. But on the inside, they feel like thorns, but on the inside, their heart is like a sweet gourd. They do not have a special relationship with anyone,

Don’t pretend to love, They do not pretend to be anything; But as human beings they are much better. In fact, they are the owners of our home. Now I think we have come to live in this castle, it is pre-arranged. This Vastu has become sacred only because of Anna. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks