Paradhin Ahe Jagati Essay in English

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Paradhin Ahe Jagati Essay in English

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Paradhin Ahe Jagati Essay in English


Paradhin Ahe Jagati Essay in English

Hello friends, today you are dependent We are going to see a Marathi essay in the world. Modern Valmiki of Maharashtra, Lord of Marathi language, a great poet, literary c. On These verses from Madgulkar’s famous ‘Geet Ramayana’, when Lord Ramchandra goes into exile,

Their youngest to bring them back Brother Bharat reaches the forest. Ramachandra is requested to return. The reason for their exile is very sad – they think that we are the reason. They blame themselves – their own mother – Kaikai. On that occasion, Lord Ramachandra has explained Bharata from the above verse. This post –

God is full of sorrow, no one’s fault.

The world is dependent, the son of man.

It starts with these two lines. From that, of the impermanence of human life, everything happens by God. There is a great, everlasting message that nothing works for us. It is as if these two lines have become a great principle not only of Geetaramayana but also of human life.

Yours in very relevant words How fleeting is the ‘human life’! No one has a clue as to what will happen at any given moment, whatever happens will happen at that time. There is nothing that human beings can stop or change.

You really care about that We are dependent. There is no second or third, but we are subject to fate … God. So fill it up, why do you blame yourself? ‘It is not your fault, it is your mother’s fault, it is not your father’s fault. This is the true meaning of burning up of bad psychic imprints.

Humans even in modern times No matter how much and in what area nature has been conquered, even today human beings are the slaves of fate. There is no doubt about it. Many examples from ancient times convince us of this.

The body should be kept on destiny, the effort should be continuous.

Always be happy, keep your mind calm.

The mighty ones who have passed away Whether it was Alexander the Great or Ravana who brought all the planets and sages under his control, when the time came, when the divinity came, they could not stay on this earth even for a moment.

Be it gods or demons, Rama-Krishna Whether it is a terrible Narkasur, Hiranyakashipu, whoever it is, the fate of all revolves with a single stroke … Disasters come .. Rao gets rank, sometimes Valya gets Valmiki. As time goes on the dice roll. The life cycle revolves around …

Nature is our strength It is kept in your hands. In an instant, thousands of people were devastated by the tsunami. Do people in the area have any idea about Pusat when they go out of the house? In an instant, fortune moves and all the resources – mine, my say, become dust.

God knows who,

Who knows bio.

Halvi cradle of Lovekush,

Sati Janaki Vani..

It is called. In the year 1962 in Maharashtra What to say about Panshet dam burst in Pune? Punekar, who has been living on the banks of the river for hundreds of years, did not want to, it just happened. What do you mean by that?

Floods like this on earth-Earthquake, severe summer, and severe cold kill thousands. I can’t do anything I say. Modern scientists have also discovered some environmental causes. So we can prevent what will happen at that time to some extent, but only if ‘God’ is good.

Vacation travel Doing ‘Kalpana Chawla’ is unfortunate in the end! Be it Asmani or Sultani Sakat whose good fortune is worth reading. Even in such a big flood, in a hut stuck in a tree

Even a small child after two days Is found alive. The only survivor is a twelve-year-old boy who goes out of the house to fetch his belongings for a moment, all the others disappear in the waves.

But still … friends, it will be green ... Don’t save your life by sitting on your hands. In this changing age of science – the causes of earthquakes, new technologies to protect against floods, state-of-the-art weapons and equipment to prepare for war must be used wisely.

Welfare schemes to be implemented, The welfare of the human race will not depend on the welfare of all living beings. ‘Prayatna’ should be continued. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks