Paropkari Aji Marathi Essay | Paropkari Aaji Essay In Marathi

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Paropkari Aji Marathi Essay | Paropkari Aaji Essay In Marathi

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Paropkari Aji Marathi Essay | Paropkari Aaji Essay In Marathi


Paropkari Aji Marathi Essay | Paropkari Aaji Essay In Marathi

Hello friends, today you are a benevolent grandmother We will look at Marathi essays. The name of our society is Ekta Society ‘. As the name suggests, unity in our society is the motto and we are all bound by it. In the beginning, however, no one mingled with anyone. Everyone’s doors were closed. Many did not even know who lived next door.

One day a thief broke into our society. The time was night. Everyone is locked in their own house! Everyone knocked on the windows and doors. A grandmother was running after the thief with a stick, and they took him straight to the door and handed him over to the police. But now everyone is asking, “What happened?” What happened? ” Came out asking.

Nauwari saree, hair band, wrinkles on face, Still, they do not want to talk unless they have the guts, the gestures, and the gestures. There was also a stutter in speaking. Now this grandmother came into the limelight. He introduced.

“I am Godaji. Lives in B-1. Hey, it’s been six months since you came to live here, didn’t you want to meet anyone? Hey, why are you living in a hostel here? Today the thief came; Tomorrow a terrorist will come. Don’t you want to be united? “

Grandma is now everyone’s grandmother Are. They know a lot about medicine. He has his grandmother’s wallet. Someone had some pain, that grandmother came with medicine. Will give the ear mantra of happy world to the newly married girl,

Will teach new foods; And Anyone had any problem, that grandmother was present. In our society, they have planted so many trees that it is enough! Therefore, today the premises of our society is very forested. Even a pollution free society! Green Society!

Those rites for the little ones Take classes. Various programs are organized on the occasion of Ganeshotsav. How to organize children’s competitions, Atharvashirshapath all. Their enthusiasm is such that even the youth will be ashamed. Many events like Kojagiri Pournima, Awali Bhojan, Tulsi Wedding, Diwali Pahat are held in our society today.

All families seem to be one now Goda Arjina has to be credited for this. Godaji is no longer alone. All the members of the society are related to him.

Whoever has any occasion Happiness or sorrow – Godaji will come to the rescue. Seeing their neutrality is very much appreciated. At which university did she learn such a spirit of philanthropy?

Awareness of philanthropy They never do. ‘Philanthropy’ is the motto of his life. May Godaji be a centenarian with such amazement. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks