Progress of Science Marathi Essay | Vidnyanachi Pragati Essay in English

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Progress of Science Marathi Essay | Vidnyanachi Pragati Essay in English

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Progress of Science Marathi Essay | Vidnyanachi Pragati Essay in English


Progress of Science Marathi Essay | Vidnyanachi Pragati Essay in English

Hello friends, today we are progressing in science in Marathi We will look at the essay. Today is considered the age of science. Various discoveries are being made. Science has revolutionized every aspect of life. The horse race of science continues.

The search for electricity is the most important There is a search. This discovery is a great gift of science. Today, everything from kitchen appliances to large factories run on electricity.

The invention of electricity is in today’s age Kalpavriksha has become. From waking up in the morning to sleeping at night, the electricity service is still on. Today we can travel hundreds of miles with the help of train, motor, airplane, watercraft.

Anything that happened anywhere in the world The phenomenon reaches the corners of the world in a matter of seconds due to scientific discoveries. The effective messaging media is truly amazing. With the help of wire, we can send news in any corner of the country through telephone, telefax, wireless.

Mobile is on the back of the world today We can talk to people anywhere. Take the recreation area. The race for science in this field continues. From radio to television sets, many devices are on the market for human entertainment.

Cinema is also a wonderful science Is a gift. Computers have become very useful today. Today our page does not move without computer. Being a treasure trove of memories, computers have become a boon in the lives of ordinary people.

Computers have reached homes today Computers are also becoming useful in the medical field. With the help of sonography, X-rays, it is possible to examine the inside of the body. Science has made it possible to overcome many incurable diseases.

Science revolutionized human life Is. New experiments are also taking place in the field of agriculture. Plows, tractors, harvesters, grain sacks and bag filling are all done with the help of machines. The science that makes alchemy work for hours and minutes is running fast. New devices are being created every day.

Green revolution by increasing the productivity of the earth Achieved. Sophisticated printing presses have been developed for the dissemination of knowledge. Millions of copies of newspapers are printed and ready for distribution in a matter of hours. Science has conquered the ocean and space just like the land.

He sat silently with his feet on the moon No; It is also preparing to set foot on other planets. Orchards are flourishing today on the once barren land. Through clone experimentation, man is challenging the creation of the universe. The horse race that science has done for human happiness is definitely beneficial for progress.

But at the same time destructive to humans Weapons are also made. Atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs, have been made; This poses a growing threat to our culture, to mankind, to our civilization.

The horse race of science is like a boonIt can also be a curse for mankind. So the question is, should science, that is, nuclear power, be used for the benefit of man or for destruction? Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks