Rights in Democracy Marathi Essay | LOKASHITIL ADHIKAR ESSAY IN MARATHI

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Rights in Democracy Marathi Essay | LOKASHITIL ADHIKAR ESSAY IN MARATHI

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Rights in Democracy Marathi Essay | LOKASHITIL ADHIKAR ESSAY IN MARATHI


Rights in Democracy Marathi Essay | LOKASHITIL ADHIKAR ESSAY IN MARATHI

Hello friends, today we have the right to democracy We will look at Marathi essays. ‘Democracy is the rule of the people, the rule of the people for the people. Such democracy is defined by Abraham Lincoln. India was liberated from British slavery on 15th August 1947.

India became a democracy on January 26, 1950 Accepted the state system. Before drafting their constitution, the members of the constitution committee studied the state systems of various democratic states and prepared their constitution from it.

The democratic system is in fact the ideal state system. People’s representatives represent the people in our country. The question is, is there real democracy in the country? The answer lies in a few things. The people’s representative in our country is elected.

But the question is, every 18 A person over the age of one has the right to vote. It is everyone’s duty to exercise the right to vote. However, looking at the turnout, it is clear that the people are not happy about the election.

Only 40% of the electorate voted Does the representative who came become a true representative of the people? What about 60% of people? This does not mean that democracy is based on democracy. The second right given by democracy is equality. It will not discriminate on the basis of religion, creed, gender, place of birth.

Anyone with a government job There will be no restriction. But in this case, can everyone get this right due to reservation? Freedom-rights. Everyone has the right to freedom of speech, expression, association and association. When this happens, there is confusion over the speech, objections are raised about the writing.

Disrupting meetings, imposing curfewIs this democracy? Anyone can do any trade honestly. This freedom is given by democracy. But does that actually happen? Fasting, strikes are the weapons of democracy, they are snatched away.

If exploitation is taking place, then justice has been done against it Should. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. Child labor still runs rampant in the country. Can we experience religious and cultural freedom today? Can establish an educational institution; But is it controlled? All the conditions are relaxed for those who have the upper hand over the superiors, they have different rules, why?

Arrangement of courts for getting justice Is. But is there justice today? Is the justice system based on falsehoods such as destruction of evidence, breaking of witnesses, fabrication of false witnesses a sign of democracy? Today, all anti-social things are protected from corruption.

So licensing, selling, unauthorized Bribery and regularization of constructions are rampant today. So can he enjoy the rights of the people? Why is it that the common man has only duties and not rights? Today there is political democracy but is there social democracy?

Clever when admitting to higher education Competition among children, but in the case of those who have reservations, why is there laxity in terms of marks? Isn’t it a component of a democratic nation that gets good marks by working hard? Then why does he have to qualify?

In a democracy, discrimination is superior and inferior Isn’t it Why do injustice to others while giving justice to one? Seeing this happening, do you think we get democratic rights in the country? Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks