Role of Youth in National Development Marathi Essay | rashtriya vikasat yuvkanchi bhumika essay in english

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Role of Youth in National Development Marathi Essay | rashtriya vikasat yuvkanchi bhumika essay in english

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Role of Youth in National Development Marathi Essay | rashtriya vikasat yuvkanchi bhumika essay in english


Role of Youth in National Development Marathi Essay | rashtriya vikasat yuvkanchi bhumika essay in english

Hello friends, today we see the role of youth in national development We will look at Marathi essays. “I will carry the torch of accomplishment without any challenge. I will sing the praises of national development. This is the great song of our accomplishment.“Today’s young generation is the backbone of a country’s pillar situation Today’s generation has always drawn the line of adventure for this generation which is pulling her under control.

To keep the flag of work flying uninterrupted This is the goal of the youth and we often come to the conclusion that the youth are trying hard to achieve that goal. So today youth organizations and youth circles are being formed.

The light of his work is constantly shiningWhy bother to criticize the youth even if they are still teasing you? The youth are the devotees of the country. “We are her children

The winds of youth are constantly blowing in our minds. ” Today, the social and political situation in our country does not look satisfactory. Still, young people should try to accept what looks good to them. It must be accompanied by intellect. Only then will good ideals be established for the youth.

What did the country do for me while doing all thisInstead of saying that, I should think about what I will do for the country. At the same time, the youth of the country do not want to suffer due to education. They do not want to do hard work. In fact, there is no connection between education and hard work.

The birth mother and the motherland are human Are the best places in life. If the youth really want the development of the nation, then they should accept socialism and not indulge in dirty politics. Young people should strive for national development.

Currently young people are just behind the job Innovative industries should take steps for modern agriculture. People from other nations are coming to India and making progress in business. You too should forget that your education is only for job and use it wisely for agriculture and business and build your skills.

What we learn is essential They should not take this into consideration, but Marathi B.A. The victim does not remember the nature poem during the interview. What good is a teacher? Young people who are well educated, who excel in the field of science, go abroad in India as there is no room for our intellect and ability.

The soil in which we grew, flourished She should not be forgotten. Such youngsters should stop here and make the name of their country bright. Today’s young people run after politicians when they say they can’t find work. Politicians are smart.

They know in the stomach of these young people There is fire, there is anxious hunger. Bread is invented. They use this youthful power to cause riots and crime. So the question before the youth is whether we want to carry out his anti-national activities.

He should leave the world and With your ingenuity, with your infallible deeds, you should try to shine in any field.

Facing thorns while picking roses They have to keep in mind that they have to do this and not spend their time in such emptiness. He should destroy the ungodly forces that have become Arjuna. Today’s youth is a devotee of culture and nation.

Let him be the axis of democracy in the country I want to drink continuously. Right now she has pests. At such a time, he wants to carry out an ideological and social revolution to strengthen democracy. In the words of McCarthy, there is a single star in front and an ember in the base.

At the same time, the youth for the development of the country In order to strengthen our democracy, the laws of the country, Indian politics, the need to strengthen the fourth pillar of democracy should be conveyed to the general public through various means.

That is the truth At least two or three illiterate people in your family should be educated. When a person is born, there is only one caste, that is human race. There are many castes in our country. Forgets.

This means intellectual, one In a sense, we humans forget. That sounds like intellectual dishonesty. So young people should promote interracial marriage. Thinking that this will create an ideal human race, today’s literate youth are falling prey to superstition.

The difference between faith and superstition They do not see. Only then will the young generation of the country become strong and the country will become strong.

National development for today’s young generation There are many challenges. They should not be afraid of challenges. The hand of friendship with him should be extended and said.“I am a challenger to the level of challenges I will sing with a torch, I will sing praises for national development, we are the great song of our deeds. “Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thank you.