Saint’s Great Marathi Essay | Santanchi Thorvi essay in english

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Saint’s Great Marathi Essay | Santanchi Thorvi essay in english

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Saint’s Great Marathi Essay | Santanchi Thorvi essay in english


Saint’s Great Marathi Essay | Santanchi Thorvi essay in english

Hello friends, today we have the great Marathi essay of saints Let’s see. From the thirteenth century onwards, Maharashtra was becoming more and more devastated by Asmani and Sultani attacks. At such times, saints taught people equality and brotherhood. He taught humanity to the society by attacking undesirable practices.

Simple, Parmarth can be achieved by adopting a simple path of Namasmarana. For this Warakari sect was established. In the realm of devotion, caste and caste have a secondary place; So devotion is important, said the saints. Also, there is no need to do devotion by performing rituals,

We will worship any deity The saints gave such consolation. The pain of slavery was in the heart of Saint Janabai. He expressed that grief through his abhangas. The burning of social inequality was in Chokhoba’s mind. He expressed it in his own words and reassured that Vithumauli draws everyone closer to his mother’s affection.

Saints from all their writings He attacked the vices and urged them to cultivate the virtues. Social life is not miserable; So if you want to be happy, you have to have good thoughts in your mind. That is why saints have given saints in their literature.

J’s ranjle ganjle.

Tell them what you are.

That is the identity of a saint.

God should know there.

Mana chandanache pari twan jijave.

Fairy Antri Sajna Nivvave.

It is the job of the thinker to pass such a message on to the next generation.

“What a blessing for the saints.

– I am constantly awake.

Saint Tukaram to the common man Taught devotion. For this, he consoled the society by using metaphors of the surrounding life, various games in the village. Saint Tukaram sharply attacked the hardworking people. Criticized the faults in the society. He tried to bring the lost society on the right path.

Saint Ramdasswami wrote ‘Manache Shlok’. Enlightened by ‘Dasbodha’. Advised to maintain good physique. For that, Balopasana said. Founded eleven Marutis. Namasmarana is the easiest devotion, he said.

For business while walking and talking.

She would be happy to eat.

Diverse customers.

Name Visro New

The flag of Bhagavat Dharma by Saint Namdeo Phadkavali to Punjab. Saint Dnyan Deva laid the foundation of the temple of Bhagavat Dharma; Saint Tukaram culminated it. Saint Eknath preached to the common man through Bharude, Pade, Aartya.

Thus the saints enlightened the society, He showed the right direction to the society and became the true Guru of the society. This is the greatness of the saints. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks