Save the girl, teach the girl Marathi essay | Save Girl Child Essay In Marathi

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Save the girl, teach the girl Marathi essay | Save Girl Child Essay In Marathi

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Save the girl, teach the girl Marathi essay | Save Girl Child Essay In Marathi


Save the girl, teach the girl Marathi essay | Save Girl Child Essay In Marathi

Hello friends, today you save the girl, teach the girl We will look at Marathi essays. Respect the fetal medical law, increase the dignity of girls. I was shocked to read the headline on the very first page of the paper of that day.

The central government has appealed to the people That, don’t kill the girls, they will be adopted by the central government. The government has called it their ‘compliance plan’. Union Minister for Women and Child Welfare Renuka Chaudhary announces to stop killing of girls ‘Palana Yojana’ means to some people It is like giving girls the right to refuse.

According to Renuka Chaudhary, the loss of the girls People will love her, and her parents will take her home. But those who do not look back to kill girls. Who knows how much love will be generated in their minds just for her bereavement?

This ‘Palana Yojana’ is for girls Denying and labeling them ‘government’. What will the daughters of such parents think of themselves? They will start hating their parents and the family as a whole and a big anti-social class will be formed.

What will be the future of such girls? Will people give them a dignified place in society? How will they be treated in that hostel? So many questions popped into my head. It is very unfortunate in our eyes that today, in the 21st century, one has to be amazed at the progress made by girls in various fields.

So on the one hand there are still so many girls It is disgusting that the girl is killed before she is born by secretly testing the fetus and today the government has to say that we will take the responsibility of upbringing.

Girls in Indian society from the very beginning The rate of secondary treatment is very high. Incidents such as either not allowing the girl child to be born or abandoning her after birth and selling her are seen on a large scale in the society.

In states like Rajasthan, the girl There are also undesirable practices of dipping her in milk at birth. In the last 30 years, about 40,000 girls have been killed before they are born.

The result is behind every thousand children The number of girls has come down to 933. In Punjab it is 876 and in Delhi it is only 821. Rich, poor, upper class, lower class people from all walks of life are in the forefront in killing girls.

Let the child be the beacon of the tribe even today The society is not ready to change the idea that he can run the throne of tradition, power and culture. After becoming a girl, the first thing that comes to the mind of her parents is that she has to get an education and then she has to get married.

From our society even today by making laws The Honda practice has not been eradicated. Doomsday is apparently the catalyst for a united Khundia and their subsequent emergence as a galactic power. This is because the girl’s father has to take out loans for dowry, sell the house, sell the farm.

That’s why no matter how much the girl learns, Even if she starts working in any big position, it will not help her at all. Therefore, girls are also given secondary treatment in terms of education.

In fact, a woman is in her womb When the girl says don’t come, she refuses in a way. So she is experiencing a secondary place in the home, in the society. If this continues, girls will not be available for marriage.

This raises many serious social issues Will happen. Sanatan practice like polygamy can be revived and social upheaval will be created.

So to avoid all this, people to the girl In order not to be rejected, she has to think about how she will get a place in the society with children. When a woman’s ability to earn money is equal to that of a man, she will definitely get that position.

For that, she also has educational opportunities for children Should be received equally. The government should make efforts to increase the level of female education by giving maximum concessions to girls from cities and mainly villages. Because an educated woman can make the whole family wise.

The whole family on the first one or two girls The government should take concrete steps to spread the idea of ​​happiness as well as the importance of family planning to the people at the grassroots level. Killing, selling or abandoning a girl is a crime.

For this, the criminals were severely punished The government should take concrete steps to ensure that the laws are strictly enforced. At the same time, girls should reassure their parents that I will never give up on you.

You are my first duty Are going to be To do this, girls need to give their fianc a clear idea before marriage. Girls who are unable to live with their parents should try to provide some financial support to the family by sending some of their salary to their parents every month.

The children also to the wife’s parents Try to be like your own parents. Therefore, parents will have to change their mentality to consider their daughters as a strong support for their children and they want to get married. Significance depends on the size of the problem and gender equality A society with existence will be created. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks