Science a boon essay Marathi | Vidnyan Ak Vardan Essay in English

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Science a boon essay Marathi | Vidnyan Ak Vardan Essay in English

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Science a boon essay Marathi | Vidnyan Ak Vardan Essay in English


Science a boon essay Marathi | Vidnyan Ak Vardan Essay in English

Hello friends Today we have a gift of science We will look at Marathi essays.

“Let the bells ring.”

Let the year go by

Let the old go away

And greet the new ” Tennyson remembers these lines and is ready to accept the gift of science. Today’s age is the age of science! Need is the mother of invention. What science has given us. She needs time.

If science is misused, ash But if you look at the evolution of science, you will reach the pinnacle of progress. Science is like a fire. It is up to you to decide whether to cook or not.

The great thinker Prof. Mate says, “Science is such a workaholic that the more you exploit it, the more you will benefit from it.” Science is on the rise.

Electricity came – darkness went. Wheel came – speed Came. With the advent of electrical appliances, labor and time were saved. At the same time, personal life improved. There was turnover in the industrial sector. Life gained momentum. Vehicles reached the airways and waterways. Alchemy did all this when man reached other planets.

In an agricultural country like India The mantra ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kisan’ has added ‘Jai Vijnan’. Science has made efforts to make the earth more prosperous by using improved seeds, new farming methods, new agricultural implements.

Production and use by science These processes have become easier. Mechanized farming is providing employment opportunities through more experiments without increasing unemployment. Science is at the forefront of the medical field.

New tests by new equipment Possible prognosis, surgery has progressed. Test tube baby, X-ray, prosthesis, plastic surgery, bypass surgery are all made possible by science.

Treatment methods like scanning Since its inception, it has made it possible to diagnose brain tumors. Science is struggling to find effective treatments. The science of entertaining and imparting knowledge at home has been achieved by science.

In fact, these days, science is on the rise It is in the embrace of science that a companion falls in love with science! The miracle of science has given impetus to the human intellect.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person The side says that missiles have come, destructive forces have intensified, relief has increased, illness has increased, need for exercise has increased, disease has increased. The man who ran after money forgot humanity, became engrossed in selfishness and power. This is not the fault of science, it is the fault of man.

Advantages and disadvantages of keeping a clear conscience Identify. As the bee leaves the thorn, so the good should take the honey, and the bad should be forsaken. Science will be a boon, otherwise it will be a curse. Science is the foundation of the economic, social and family progress that human beings have made today.

Man cannot stand without science No. The spheres of science are so far away that the fluttering wings have no horizons. As Longfellow has said, “of this age You are the craftsman of karma on the wall. “Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thank you.