Science and Manav Marathi Essay | Vidnyan Ani Manav Essay Marathi

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Science and Manav Marathi Essay | Vidnyan Ani Manav Essay Marathi

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Science and Manav Marathi Essay | Vidnyan Ani Manav Essay Marathi


Science and Manav Marathi Essay | Vidnyan Ani Manav Essay Marathi

Hello friends Today we have science and humans We will look at Marathi essays. Today, science has gained a unique significance in human life. There is no area of ​​human life that has not been disturbed by science.

Science advanced man’s life Done, advanced. Prosperity has come into his life. And the comfort is gone. Many mysteries of the universe have been solved, many chronic diseases have been cured. The distance between the two countries has become so short that it is possible to sit and talk to a person who is thousands of miles away.

Science makes man, like a fish Can swim in water. It can soar like a bird in the sky and land on the ground in an instant. This is the alchemy of all science. If it doesn’t rain, we can do it with the help of science. Science has made robots; But like the Lord, he made a man of flesh and blood.

So man today has become an antithesis. Seeing all this, it seems that science is the gift that God has given to man. But this is the shining side of science. There is another dark side to this science. To science As a protective, nurturing force; There is also another destructive and destructive force. And sadly, the emphasis today is on this destructive force.

Atomic bomb is a new toy Weapons and weapons are being made. To this day, weapons are only destroying what exists. Now nuclear-biological weapons have been created and they are destroying the present as well as the future of man.

Man-made weapons The body produces germs of various diseases. Makes future generations deformed and disabled. If this science, which has been ruining human beings for generations, continues like this, then one day there will be no human being left in this world.

Such a desolate, bhakas Looking at the world, the man on the planet might say, ‘There used to be an animal called man living here.’ Seeing this, it seems that science is a curse that God has given to man.

Discovery in science carries with it dangers And disasters bring calamities. When the wheel was invented, it was decided that just as this wheel was going to increase the speed of human beings, it was also decided that someone would be crushed under this wheel at some point.

When fire was discovered, It turned out that this fire was going to cook man’s food. And then it was decided that this fire is going to burn someone’s house sometime or other. Human beings have to decide for which of these purposes we are going to use wheels and fire.

Science poses a complex problem to us Is erected. To live or to die? Death is easy. It used to blow like a crazy wind of science. If we want to live, we have to control this wind. The nose of this stray bull should be covered Members. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks