Science and Technology and Progress of India Marathi Essay | Vidnyan Tantradnyan Ani Bhartachi Pragati In Marathi Essay

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Science and Technology and Progress of India Marathi Essay | Vidnyan Tantradnyan Ani Bhartachi Pragati In Marathi Essay

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Science and Technology and Progress of India Marathi Essay | Vidnyan Tantradnyan Ani Bhartachi Pragati In Marathi Essay


Science and Technology and Progress of India Marathi Essay | Vidnyan Tantradnyan Ani Bhartachi Pragati In Marathi Essay

Hello friends, today we have the progress of science and technology and India We will look at Marathi essays. Today, if anyone asks, what does this earth stand on? So I say on science! Earlier it was believed that this earth is standing on Sheshnag, but it is completely wrong.

Went to my village a few days ago Then something happened in my life that made me aware of science. One person there was literally in agony. The man was bitten by a poisonous worm in his hand while pulling grass in his field.

As an excerpt from it, some of the village elders The person treated him by placing him on a Maruti para, but it is said, ‘Who killed him, Dev Tari?’

In fact, this is the twenty-first event It is a shame to say that we are moving towards the century. Although this doctor’s or injection incident is in medicine, its birth or origin is science. India Only science and technology made some progress Science on the strength is a boon to India and it is a boon

You are the former Prime Minister of India Late. Mr. In the form of Rajiv Gandhi. He laid the foundation of science and technology in India but our Indian scientists are working to make it perfect. In it, Dr. Vijay Bhatkar, APJ Abdul Kalam.

He has so far studied science and technology In this area, India has taken steps to become a world power by 2020. This will benefit all Indians, this sentence will come true in the future. You never knew television before

But now in the house of a common man In 1983, India launched 10,000 color TVs. Imported. Now India is exporting millions of such color televisions abroad on the strength of science and technology. An Indian man will set foot on the moon in 2008.

On what strength? Information from India And on the strength of what is it that is leading the way in making a revolution in the field of technology? This is the question I am asking you. Today, we are not just talking to a person across the ocean in a single moment

So he’s in a machine in front of you On what strength did you see his replica? If you have such and such unanswered questions, the answer will be one and the same and that is that no divine power beyond science and technology will work here.

The universally accepted situation is It is a triune fact that a coin has two sides because a coin without two sides will not be called a coin. Similarly, science has two types or uses.

First of all you saw the benefits and Now you want to look at its disadvantages or the dangers to humans. I read the present letter eight days ago that there was a news in Jammu and Kashmir that mobile phone system or technology system has started in Jammu and Kashmir.

Although this matter is beneficial It will speed up the terrorists or their activities, because now they can easily track their thoughts anywhere in Kashmir through that mobile system. Or spread the action. As well as different cyber In this cafe, but tomorrow’s pillar of India’s development is the young congregation sitting in front of the computer for as long as they want.

Hence their physical torment But sitting like that can create. Use the COMPUTER for something you don’t want. Also, due to science and technology, human nature has become very lazy. This includes from the street to Delhi.

Because of science, but radically on the mind of a person This change is happening and the community which creates terror in the society also benefits from this science and technology. Various Bombs in the form of hydrogen, RDX Using it to take the lives of thousands of innocent people in a metropolis like Mumbai which is considered to be the financial capital of India

Chatarabara hides in this place By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. Science and technology, according to the common man, is the only weapon in the hands of a human being.

Hi you with the help of this diamond We are bringing about a radical change in our social, economic, political, not only national but also international level. With the help of science and technology, now sugar factories are sitting in that factory and computing With the help of his sugar copy her quality We are spreading it and it is also gaining a lot of money.

Internationally you now It can be launched from Indian made satellites. So you are getting foreign currency for foreign satellites. These benefits are only for you That is science and technology. India’s economic development is also increasing due to science. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks