Sinhagadache Manogat Essay in English | SHINH GADACHE MANOGAT MARATHI NIBANDH

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Sinhagadache Manogat Essay in English | SHINH GADACHE MANOGAT MARATHI NIBANDH

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Sinhagadache Manogat Essay in English | SHINH GADACHE MANOGAT MARATHI NIBANDH


Sinhagadache Manogat Essay in English | SHINH GADACHE MANOGAT MARATHI NIBANDH

Hello friends, today we are thinking of Sinhagad We will look at Marathi essays. I shouted ‘Kondhana!’ When you say Kondhana, you get confused! Ah, in the time of Shivaji Maharaj, my name was Kondhana. I was in the possession of the Mughals. Shiva sent a brave Mavalya like Tanaji to win me over.

In fact, then Tanaji’s son There was marriage. While doing good deeds at home, Tanaji set out on a mission to conquer the fort for Shiva. Climbing the fort was like warning the enemy; So he climbed the fort from the brave Mawla Ghorpadi. I still remember his bravery, his loyalty!

He remembered his conscientiousness, That the Romans still stand on their limbs. He remembers the sacrifice of a hero like Tanaji who is the bright spark of such Kshatradharma. Is it possible to forget the fiery history?

‘The fort has come, but the lion has gone.’ Shiva’s utterances still ring in my ears. Since then, I have become the Sinhagad of Kondhanya. My body was purified by the blood of Shiva’s Mavalya sacrifice. Is it possible to forget the great Krantiparva filled with Veerashree? Each of my molecules is filled with Shivtej.

My glory in the time of Shiva That’s what anyone should envy. Today I am in ruins. My past glory is shattered. Yet I proudly say that I am the greatest stonemason of history; Yet I am the emperor of martyrs.

Shiva’s in my fracture The flag of immortality is flying proudly. I am proud that I have received the gift of immortality because of them. As long as i am Until then, people will remember this burning history.

Sitting on my number today My pride is the statue of such a brave Tanaji! Today, many lovers have started coming to my land. But I feel very bad that the land on which the burning history took place should not be loved; So the memory of Tanaji should be saluted;

Bowed at their feet Another pride of mine is Lokmanya Tilak’s bungalow. ‘Swarajya is my birthright and I will get it,’ he said. But seeing the lodging-boarding of this bungalow too, that mind was depressed.

Holy by the touch of great persons I sincerely wish that this land should not become dirty. Those widowed guns on my land, those towering towers should fill the hearts of Indians who come to see it.

Pune Darwaza, Kalyan Darwaza, Tanaji Kada, Samadhi of Rajaram Maharaj, Vastu, which testifies to such history, should be visited by Veerashree. Because, this is the land of sacrifice, of bravery. Friends, you have made it a tourist destination.

You come here, eat and drinkHe drank the cold water of Devatakya, ate hot bhajis, ate pithale-bhakri, curd from the pot, was satisfied and left. But tell me the truth, do you remember the history when you came to this land of mine? Ever wanted to bow before Tanaji?

Now the television on my chest A launch center has been set up. Mana looks up at that tower; But looking at Tanaji, was he surprised about his adventure? Babies, I have witnessed every historical event since the 15th century. So how can I live without feeling the change in you?

Now another attraction you Man-made. You may have noticed. Orchards created by afforestation. 10 to 15 kms. The park is definitely pleasant. So get close to nature. Bird-watching, study, research, enjoy, relax and be refreshed.

But the flames that happened on this land Never forget history. This epic should have endless parayanas. All this said as an elder. Think. Save the legacy. Jai Tanaji! Jai Shivaji! Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks