Sinha’s Autobiography Marathi Essay | autobiography of Lion in Marathi

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Sinha’s Autobiography Marathi Essay | autobiography of Lion in Marathi

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Sinha’s Autobiography Marathi Essay | autobiography of Lion in Marathi


Sinha’s Autobiography Marathi Essay | autobiography of Lion in Marathi

Hello friends, today you are the lion’s autobiography We will look at Marathi essays. I am a lion. King of the Jungle. I was born in the forest of Gir. My childhood was safe in my mother’s arms. But … one day I got injured.

Forest officer taking the vet All he did was bandage; But they planned to put me in a zoo. I was taken to a zoo in a closed vehicle. The space in the cage was empty due to the death of the lion in that zoo. Besides, the lion should be seen behind the sign written as ‘Lion’!

I came to the zoo and lost my childhood. I also had to lose my freedom. My stay in the dense forest was over. I was very happy in the relaxed atmosphere. It simply came to my notice then.

I have those in the zoo Caged. I was not used to such a closed environment. I had learned to hunt. No matter how small, I had a habit of feeding myself by hunting. In addition, the mother had a protective umbrella.

My other brothers were with me. I was separated from them all. A life of servitude came upon me. I was very sad. Scared from the pizzeria, I was wearing Yerzhara and protesting; But now it was of no use.

I remember my life that day He was starving. I started screaming. A cleaner opened the cage door and came inside. He cleaned my cage and then he left. After a while another man came. He had brought some pieces of meat.

Its meat by hunting a living animal I used to eat. My mind was not ready to eat that meat. For two days I did not even eat that food. I thought, seeing my non-cooperation, I will be released in the forest again. But my guess turned out to be completely false. I finally had to back off.

Slowly I tried to change myself. No matter what happened to Nilaja, I was trying to enjoy it. There were some trees in front of the cage. There were chirping sparrows and crows crowing on the trees. I wanted to run through some of the Kharutai trees.

Looking at them makes me feel at ease Life began to feel envious. The garden was crowded every evening. Children and adults used to stand in front of the cage. I was now an exhibition animal. Many would point fingers at me and express curiosity. Many times I was very angry about all this.

Then I would lean against the cage. The feeling of slavery was aroused by rebellion. But alas! There is no escape from this birth. The soul used to be restless. I vividly remember one occasion when I visited this zoo. My cage was decorated that day.

I don’t understand what kind of thing this is Is it Then slowly the little ones began to gather. Some even took photos of me. Then I realized that all these people have gathered for my naming. Then they named me ‘Mrigendra’. The thought came to my mind that I have now become ‘Ghulam Mrigendra Singh’.

Come on friends, this is Alia Bhogasi Therefore, living in this cage, you have to learn to consider the importance of life only in giving darshan. You human beings too, with the help of intellect and strength we persecute the wild animals. Punish us with life imprisonment. But tell the truth, what is our crime?

We are wild animals. Enjoying nature, this is our permanence. So why do you need zoos? What do you get by doing such evil? Don’t you remember our age of free movement? Our real development is in the forest,

How can you be so intelligent and forget it? Why do we have such an injustice as dumb creatures? How selfish you are, man! Please don’t attack us. Otherwise, the balance will fall and lead to destruction.

Your destruction in the destruction of this creation Is hidden. O man, do not forget this! O Vidhatya! Give this human being the wisdom to show ghost mercy! Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks