Social Essay Must Be Marathi Essay | SAMAJPRBODHAN ESSAY IN MARATHI

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Social Essay Must Be Marathi Essay | SAMAJPRBODHAN ESSAY IN MARATHI

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Social Essay Must Be Marathi Essay | SAMAJPRBODHAN ESSAY IN MARATHI


Social Essay Must Be Marathi Essay | SAMAJPRBODHAN ESSAY IN MARATHI

Hello friends, today we have become socially enlightened We are going to look at Marathi essays. A society is made up of many individuals. There is a turban of norms and traditions on the society. His progress is hampered by superstition. Such a society is firm on its opinions.

Free yourself from the shackles of tradition He does not want to do it. So social revolution does not happen overnight; So she was at the speed of a tortoise. When iniquity grows in the society, then an incarnate man is born and he enlightens this society. Saints become the true teachers of society.

Saint Dnyaneshwar as the son of Sannyasa People threw them in the sand, persecuted them. But there is no salutation without miracles. People were impressed by his miracles like running a lifeless wall like this justice, burning mud on the back, calling Veda’s mouth Veda.

The miracles they performed were magical Rather, he practiced yoga for the enlightenment of the people. And then slowly the awakening of the people began to take place. For the community that persecuted him, he asked God for help. “Whatever you want, do it.” To enlighten the society by knowing its mistake and to follow the path prescribed by the saints, that is, social enlightenment.

Saint Tukaram’s tradition, tradition, hypocrisy Human faults like this were uttered in harsh words. He hit Nathala on the head with a stick. There is no other saint poet who is close to the common man, who is sympathetic to their daily sorrows.

J ka ranjle ganjle,

Tell them what they want.

Tochi sadhu olakhava,

God should know there.

The hypocrisy of all sects and Tearing off the veil of bigotry was a great tragedy. He had great confidence in carrying out his role of enlightener as a saint. They say in the following abhanga –

“We are Vishnudas from soft wax.

Hard Vajras piercing like this.

Saints from all their writings It insists on cultivating virtues by attacking vices. Social life is not miserable; So to be happy, good thoughts must be established. That is why there are saints in the scriptures. Ramdas has enlightened the people through ‘Dasbodh’ and ‘Manache Shloka’.

Mana chandanache pari twan jijave.

Gentlemen, let the angels be separated.

Let the angel of death die.

Superstitions of society, hardworking way of life, He attacked rituals, word-of-mouth, bookishness, personal morality; But attacked the faults of the people. In it, selfish parents who kill children, who sell daughters for dowry, who write bad poems, who give birth to children by their husbands, who are jogis, astrologers, who use tobacco, who are violent, try to guide them to the right path.

Pani, Aartya, Bharude by Saint Eknath Through this, he did social enlightenment. For this, he enlightened the society by presenting Bharude in an interesting way by taking practical examples. ‘Inchu Chawla, Inchu Chawla!’ ‘Rodga vahin tula’, ‘Dadla nako gam bai’ are some of the things he composed for social awareness. A

Even the modern saint Gadgem Maharaj Tried to keep the society away from bad practices in the society. For this he used this type of kirtan. It is the duty of the thinkers to pass on the teachings of the saints from their scriptures to the next generation.

“What a blessing I am to the saints!

I am constantly awake.

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