Student and Film Marathi Essay | Vidyarthi Aani Chitrpat Essay in English

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Student and Film Marathi Essay | Vidyarthi Aani Chitrpat Essay in English

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Student and Film Marathi Essay | Vidyarthi Aani Chitrpat Essay in English


Student and Film Marathi Essay | Vidyarthi Aani Chitrpat Essay in English

Hello friends, today we have students and movies We will look at Marathi essays. ‘Two people looked out the window at the same time. Khalil Gibran has said that one saw the earth and the other saw the twinkling stars. The same is true of movie goers.

Look at what you see It is important to know what happens. Every coin has two sides. In today’s age of science, new tools, techniques, new discoveries are available. Their benefits are as follows. There are also disadvantages.

What to take from watching a movie We have to have this conscience. The students’ passion for film has become so strong that most of the students forget their duties, goals, reality.

Movies came into existence As an effective tool of public education! Mythological, social, family stories, problems were presented through them. The producers and directors of that time were idealistic. Now the nature is changing.

The stream that draws the audience falls There are movies full of spices like robbery, rape, murder, lust, atrocities. Kovali minds are being crushed. The tree of culture is being uprooted. Heroes and heroines are being imitated.

Educationally backward The film can be used for social awareness and public education in the country. It is necessary to do so. But it turned out to be the other side of the coin.

Such films are especially popular among the youth They have the opposite effect. Therefore, they try to combine the stories and events of the fictional film with the real life. The charm of the film and the artificial glare shown in the film is the temptation shown to the young generation.

‘Fashion’ born of the film’s cushy‘This new baby! Everyone does this as they please. In fact, man’s ‘being’ is more important than his ‘appearance’! But nowadays the focus is on the outside rather than the inside. Activity is reduced and time is wasted.

Movies alienated children from the playground. Apart from exercise, sports, reading, the younger generation is now involved in movies that are shown on television from time to time, day or night, along with the cinema. This is detrimental in terms of physical and mental development.

About which movies the children want to watch Parents also need to be aware. Reading, lectures, seminars make the student strong. But movies have crippled children. Children spend their time watching movies, hobbies, personality development and learning.

Today’s movies commercially Are trying to be more profitable. The scissors of the sensor board have no edge left. The ugly dances are making the young generation dance crazy. The rhythm is broken. The rite of passage has begun.

Fighting, murder, rape The younger generation tends to watch juicy movies. There are few movies like ‘Baghban’ that everyone in the family should sit together and watch. Film is a mirror of society, a vision of culture.

Movies are romance, estrangement, Not a vision of atrocities, of murder. There is a half-truth hidden somewhere in every story. What really matters is what you take. Otherwise, the ashes of the film will not remain without you

On the issue of family planning, illiteracy Among the many films released, films like ‘Fingerprint’ shed light on the question of illiteracy. Mother India showed that ‘mother can even shoot Kuputra on occasion. ‘Neer-Kshir Vivek’ while watching movies Only the best students can be entertained before they are entertained Study should be given priority. Pleasant entertainment makes the mind blossom, pleases, while disgusting performances infest the mind.

King Harishchandra, devotee Pralhad, There are also great films like Gandhi. It is human nature to want something new. But if you know some limitations, you will realize that ‘Landori should not dance because peacock dances’. Today, filmmakers make a lot of money.

They want crowded movies.But where do young people wait? This should be considered for a moment. The Holi of civilization should not be allowed for entertainment. Your goals are important; Entertainment without forgetting it You should definitely try sweets but don’t let them become addictive. Otherwise, the greed of today’s film-like arcemahal will leave the glass culture in a bloodbath. I think

The boat of the movie, collided with the horizon The curve of the stream, the source of the tyranny around Piconia is not born. Demonstrations in minimalist clothes, obscene songs are stirring up culture in the streets.

Attack on civility, decency Has started. Types of harassment of girls on the streets have increased a lot. The younger generation is getting entangled in alcohol and drug addiction. Young women are being deceived under the guise of ‘modeling’ by falling into the trap of glitter and money in the film industry.

Worth taking in virtually every story While there is enlightenment, we should focus on it. Because we are the ones who rush to see such movies.

In my words, “the market is full of civilizationCulture has gone on sale. In the name of enlightenment, perversion has taken place.