Sujalam Sufalam Marathi Essay | Sujalam Sufalam Essay Marathi

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Sujalam Sufalam Marathi Essay | Sujalam Sufalam Essay Marathi

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Sujalam Sufalam Marathi Essay | Sujalam Sufalam Essay Marathi


Sujalam Sufalam Marathi Essay | Sujalam Sufalam Essay Marathi

Hello friends, today you are well We will look at Marathi essays. Govindakraj’s poem is known as ‘Maharashtra Geet’. You can see the poet’s poetic description of Maharashtra’s diversity in this poem.

Just as our India is a diverse country Our Maharashtra is also diverse. Geographically, Maharashtra is divided into five parts. It is divided into Western Maharashtra, Konkan, Marathwada, Khandesh and Vidarbha.

From this you get water management It will not be possible to implement a single plan for different provinces. This is because different regions need different amounts depending on the geographical conditions. Therefore, this issue becomes very important in water management and water management is a very important issue.

Rocky, solid, fragile to the land of stones, Kamal, if you want to make a country, a state, it is very necessary. Therefore, you can see that water management is becoming more and more time consuming. But water management is not just a government issue

Of all citizens Water conservation is a duty. Sometimes you are taught in a textbook that ‘water is life’ but this statement is not fulfilled in every class. It seems to be regrettable.

If Maharashtra is prosperous The co-operation of citizens is essential for real prosperity. But the key factor is ‘public awareness’ as long as water management is not done properly. You can see the campaign for this in the last two-four years.

To him ‘Sant Gadge Maharaj village cleaning The campaign has been named. The campaign started in 2003 and first started in 3 districts and some talukas. As per 2004, this program is being implemented in 26 districts.

This raises awareness among the masses You can mention that it is happening. But on the other hand, the rulers seem to be falling behind. In fact, this work is being viewed from a different perspective by making it a political issue.

In the last few years If it is to be traced, the ‘Irrigation Commission for Water Management’ has appointed Dr. It was appointed under the chairmanship of Madhavrao Chitale.

But to the extent of this plan The benefits of this scheme could not reach the last level of the society in proportion to the last level of the society. It can be said to some extent that this experiment was done in Akola district but due to partisan politics, this commission was tarnished. It has not been experimented with anywhere else,

On a very important point of Maharashtra The basin project is considered to be the most important core of water management. Maharashtra has a total of seven rivers which we call major rivers. Among them, Godavari, Krishna, Bhima, Wainganga, Koyna etc. Are.

Among them Krishna river is the project There is a river project in the stream. This has been widely discussed to this day. Last year, Maharashtra had a great opportunity to divert water from the Krishna River. But the political leaders could not give anything except promises by making it a political issue. This shows our political weakness.

779 thousand of Krishna in Maharashtra Million cubic feet of water while Wainganga 719 s. The. D. You can tell the water is going to the outer states. From this it can be explained that there is helplessness regarding water management in Maharashtra.

From the point of view of irrigation projects If you think about it, you can say that Maharashtra is in the top position in the country. There are 6,669 irrigations in Maharashtra out of which 52 are large, 206 medium 2402 minor irrigation. But at least one of these irrigation systems is understood to be closed. This is a great example of water management not being done properly.

Track the last 44 years If decided, Maharashtra has spent Rs 6669 crore on water management. But the water problem is nowhere to be seen. Considering the total water in Maharashtra, 4100 s. The. D. Water can be managed through major rivers in Maharashtra.

According to Maharashtra’s rain water Considering 11,300 s. The. D. Water can be obtained. But we do not have this storage system. If all this water is collected, then Maharashtra will stand in three feet of water.

Considering the current situation, this year The rain was a handful. But during the winter session, the government had to declare water shortage in 9000 villages. When will this water problem go away? When come Will the people of the state be happy? It’s hard to say. Let us strive for their success only by believing in the policy of the government.

Suicide on farmers in this country It should not be. Let us pray for this and strive for this country, this state to be vibrant, delicate, tender, flowery. Management can be obtained from major rivers. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks