Sukhi Jeevan Ki Meri Kalpana Hindi Essay my idea of ​​a happiness essay in english

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Sukhi Jeevan Ki Meri Kalpana Hindi Essay my idea of ​​a happiness essay in english

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Sukhi Jeevan Ki Meri Kalpana Hindi Essay my idea of ​​a happiness essay in english


Sukhi Jeevan Ki Meri Kalpana Hindi Essay my idea of ​​a happiness essay in english

Hello friends, today we will know my fantasy Hindi essay of happy life essay on this topic.

Everyone works hard day and night to make their life happy. Yet very few people look happy. Also, every man has a different definition of happiness.

Someone thinks that by accumulating a lot of money he will be happy, then someone believes that his life will be happy only by becoming more and more powerful. Someone has the belief that he will be happy only when he gets a high position, then someone considers scholarship as the cornerstone of a happy life.

I also have my own imagination of happy life. In my opinion, in order to make life happy, it is necessary to have some material things around you, but it is not necessary for them to be abundant. I want to collect as many items as are necessary to maintain my functionality.

According to my imagination, perfect health is very important to make life happy. Wealth is of great importance in the world. Money is needed to live a happy life. But we should not run after wealth alone except for human qualities.

Here Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, is called ‘Chanchala’. This means that no one is always rich. When he becomes poor, people start ignoring him.

I think the life of a person is happy if he earns enough money to meet his needs and fulfill his social responsibilities. In this regard, I consider this couplet of Sant Kabir as ideal

Sai, give me so much, jam kutum samay. I too should not be hungry, the saint should not go hungry.

According to my belief, the life of a person is happy only if he is able to fully develop his personality. Every person has certain innate qualities. Only a person who has fully developed these qualities can contribute to the progress of his society and country.

But these qualities develop only in the environment of conflict, not in happiness and luxury. Pointing to this fact, a poet has said- ‘Flowers were blooming in thorns, withered on the sage! ‘In my opinion, the life of the same person is fully developed, in whose life there is always a little bit of struggle.

It is very important to adopt the path of altruism to make life happy. Goswami Tulsidas ji has also said that in this world there is no other religion than altruism and no other sin than persecution (Parhit saris dharma nahi bhai. Parpida sam nahi adhamai ..).

Only those who are sympathetic to others and consider their happiness as their own happiness, remain happy. Supporting this notion, ‘Prasad’ says, look at others laughing, laugh and find happiness,

Expand your happiness, make everyone happy. Both happiness and sorrow come and go in human life. In moments of happiness, people are often overjoyed and distracted by sorrow.

I firmly believe that the life of the same person is happy, who knows that after the dark night of sorrow, the golden morning of happiness will surely come. Such a person welcomes both happiness and sorrow equally.

I consider the life of the person happy, who is always ready to welcome new ideas. This world is constantly changing.

Those who cling to the old tradition and do not welcome the new age, soon fall into the dust like stale flowers. Due to change, there is always innovation in the world and that is what brings unique happiness.

Therefore, in order to live a happy life, we must always be ready to welcome change.

In my opinion, happy is the life of the person who considers human beings equal and dedicates his body, mind and money for the service of poor human beings.

His name is immortal in Sasar, who does great deeds for the welfare of humanity. This is my fantasy about dry life. Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.