Superstition Marathi Essay | Andhashraddha Essay in English

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Superstition Marathi Essay | Andhashraddha Essay in English

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Superstition Marathi Essay | Andhashraddha Essay in English


Superstition Marathi Essay | Andhashraddha Essay in English

Hello friends, today we have superstition We will look at Marathi essays. Faith is a virtue. But when faith is excessive, it becomes a vice, and when faith is blind, it becomes a vice. One who believes in something is called a superstitious person, without examining the truth, without examining the possibilities, the possible and the impossible, and without rubbing against the criteria of intellect, logic and science.

When the smoke of superstition stays in the mind Then the eyes of thought and conscience disappear automatically. If a child has a goddess, it means that he is angry with some god, so he runs to the devotee for the wrath of God. He does not think of going to the doctor.

Of Christians and of Muslims There is faith in Allah. They believe that Christ is commanded to draw pagans into their religion. Is the command of Allah. Therefore, Muslims and Muslims lose their conscience about which level to go for conversion.

In all religions, people fall prey to superstition. Even the intellect of the wise is often crippled and crippled by superstition. Even if the real God came to tell me something that would not suit my intellect and logic, I would not believe it, ‘said Agarkar.

All this superstition is like oxygen The field is full. It is in the religious realm, it is in the political realm, it is in the social realm. Elderly people were harassed, neglected in their care and treatment, and had to be rehabilitated when they died.

This became religious superstition. Moment Seeing this, the coconut of election campaign used to burst. The birth certificate was placed under the file and the astrologer’s feet were held. This became political superstition; And it has become a social superstition to degrade other castes by assuming that my caste is superior. Superstition is omnipresent and lifelong.

If the cat is lying down, it will not workFrom now on, the crow does not touch the body, but the dead do not get peace. Man’s life is full of superstitions. Superstition gives a person a kind of satisfaction. But in hindsight,

Superstition, of superstitious people And it creates misery, stress in other people’s lives. Superstition killed many innocent babies. The worlds of many have been destroyed and the lives of many have been reduced to dust. The then superstition must be given a handful.

Superstition belongs to the society and alternatively to the nation Hurts. Superstition creates many vices in the human mind. Man becomes cruel. His heart does not melt when he burns or burns his living wife on the cheetah of a dead husband. Persecuting vulnerable kids for dowry, their stone hearts do not burst. He becomes stubborn.

Under the chariot of your insistence, He does not care how many lives are crushed. He especially becomes weak, begging for God’s mercy instead of facing adversity. He wears a stone ring of a planet for his prosperity. Otherwise one surrenders to Baba.

Puranic fables and The miracles in the life of a saint are fertilizing his mind. Their superstitions are blossoming like the wind blows embers. There is only one solution to this. Getting him out of the trap of superstition.

Tell him about your life Lord you are You are the craftsman of your future. Which does not fit your intellect and logic, which has no basis in classical theory. Don’t believe everything that is impossible. No one will be able to run the wall.

Anyone can go straight to heaven No, a child who is trampled to death will not live. Angara – Incense will not cure your disease. You will not be able to get rid of your problems. No father or father can do you any good.

In summary, the dragon of this superstition Only when a person leaves, will the real person, society and nation prosper, otherwise just laugh! Students should recite Swatantryaveer Savarkar’s 1) God of the universe and God of man 2) Two words – two cultures (Shrutismritipuranokta – up to date up to date) 3) Scientific essays should be recited.

How this freedom fighter is a social hero And it will be realized that he was a scientist. The fact that such a great man should be neglected only by dirty politics remains a thorn in the side. Swa. Savarkar had already laid out his horoscope.

‘Adverse things will happen and they will survive The same thing happened while it was happening and even after death. Below are some of his thoughts, which students should memorize. In today’s scientific age, it is our duty to say again and again that people should give up the wasteful norms, vratas and opinions of our Hindu Rashtra.

To an old backward culture If you get stuck in the path of time by tying it so tightly, you will be crushed under the heel of science. Cow, a suitable animal. Not a mother and not a deity. Although the animal is established as a god in the temple, it is not a god of animals, but the temple is a herd.

Protecting the human race from the scourge of plague In order to do this, Hindu-Muslim Devalasi culture tried various measures like ritual, cutting of cock, cutting of goat, tait-gande. But the plague did not go away. There, European scientific culture, however, invented a vaccine that would carry a deadly disease like the plague.

Vaccinate God or Damn it. There is not the slightest difference in the properties of the vaccine. Srishtiniyam to. Practical, direct, direct. Not feminist. Note: See how good the underlined words are. Keep it in mind. Look at the word ‘Namaskarun’. It is called Namdhanu. From the famous “Barfali Unchatoke”

Kusumagraj kako na garudayate.

श्वानवत् गुरगुरायते ।।

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