Susangati Sada Ghado Marathi Essay | Susangati Sada Ghado Essay in English

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Susangati Sada Ghado Marathi Essay | Susangati Sada Ghado Essay in English

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Susangati Sada Ghado Marathi Essay | Susangati Sada Ghado Essay in English


Susangati Sada Ghado Marathi Essay | Susangati Sada Ghado Essay in English

Hello friends Today we always have consistency We will look at Marathi essays.

“Consistency always happens,

Listen to the words!


The subject completely.

Written by the great poet Moropant Rows represent a direction of life. The circumstances in which we live, the company we live in, all have an effect on our lives. The lifestyle of those we associate with, their thoughts, their virtues and vices are inadvertently affecting our disposition.

Filled with fragrant flowers If so, the flowers will be with you. On the other hand, if you carry an asphalt pill, you will have a very special pride with you. That is, you will develop as a companion. The external environment, the association, affects our inner being.

Bapuji said “Don’t look bad, don’t speak bad, don’t hear bad” One should be able to protect oneself from bad tendencies. Two things definitely stand out when it comes to television programs. If you watch movie and remix songs, uplifting scenes, obscene dance songs all day long, they will definitely have a bad effect on your mind.

Because whatever is good in the world, Mars is, is sacred, their supernatural is also eternal, is auspicious. If good thoughts are heard then the mind will develop in the right direction and the journey of life will be easier.

“It simply came to our notice then

Aikal makes it so

You will do as you see fit

Take it easy …

“Whose company is Kashi and whose It is also said that hanging by association. How is the company of children during adolescence? This is very important. At this age, as the turban of companionship and atmosphere sinks deep into the mind, its repercussions last a lifetime. The company of virtuous children leads to progress. Incongruity leads to degeneration.

The picture of today’s society is bleak. The youth is being dragged into the clutches of alcohol and drunkards. A series of crimes has started and life is being imprisoned in crime. We all know that ‘Valyacha Valmiki’ happened. Recover yourself in time and get rid of bad faults and stay in good company.

Be prudent. Out of it Take the good ones. Leave it at that. “Asangashi sang, pranashi gath!” It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Because ‘wet burns with dry.’ If four young men are drinking at the same table, then a young man sitting at the same table is drinking a simple soft drink with them.

Yet he is drinking That is what the world will say. The way you sit with who you get up and sit with, who you come and go with, is the way the world looks at you. It cannot be denied.

‘Samskaras’ determine the direction of life And these rites are born out of association. The water that falls on the heated iron does not exist. A drop of water falling on a lotus leaf looks like a pearl. Coming in the company of God of Knowledge, ‘Namya’ became Saint Namdev. Leads to consistent good deeds. Paris also makes gold of iron.

Plain in a garland The rope also gets a place in the arms of God with flowers. The company of saints and gentlemen is necessary for salvation. Good thoughts take root in the mind, peace of mind is obtained. It makes sense to look at life from a noble and benevolent point of view.

Infinite, calm, noble nature The joy that separates the happy melody by jingling the stars of solitary company is different! We need companionship that will give us full happiness. Not for a moment, but for a lifetime. Because the company is deeply rooted. Its effects go far.

Colors like that! The virtues and vices of the world, There are both good and bad. It is up to you to decide what to do with your vision and how to recover. Only when our nature is good can we be happy and give happiness to others.

“It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring

The mirror also shines with the sun

Mix sandalwood soil with the body

Burning moths with light

The soil is fragrant with flowers

Bori-acacia with fragrant sandalwood! “

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