Terrorism is a terrible problem Marathi essay dahashatwad ek samasya english essay

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Terrorism is a terrible problem Marathi essay dahashatwad ek samasya english essay

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Terrorism is a terrible problem Marathi essay dahashatwad ek samasya english essay


Terrorism is a terrible problem Marathi essay dahashatwad ek samasya english essay

Hi everyone do you know about Terrorism? Problems We will look at Marathi essays. The wounds of the September 11 attack have not yet healed. It is impossible to wipe away the blood of those thousands of innocents. The attack on India’s democracy in the Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly, the brutal massacre at the Akshardham temple, shows the horrific nature of terrorism.

These attacks are a threat to World War III Incidentally, isn’t it? Just as nothing can be returned to the Bermuda Trag, so will all of humanity be dragged to the Trag of Insecurity? Such thoughts do not go unnoticed.

Democracy in the realm of statehood Individuals and organizations try to achieve what cannot be achieved through illegal means. Weapons are widely used for this purpose. It began in the post-1980 fundamentalist movement in Iran.

Khomeini against Iran’s corrupt regime He came to power through revolution. These Islamic fundamentalists want to create their own ideal society. The movement has flourished since the fall of the radical regime in Egypt, Turkey, Algeria, and the Taliban to today’s Osama.

The whole world is in the shadow of terrorism Is. In Sri Lanka, the LTTE has started an open war with the military. Terrorism is rampant in the Welstein issue, the Ireland issue, Chechnya in Russia, and the Xinjiang province in China.

Is burningThe highest value of centenarianism is multi-religious India has to pay. In the last 25 years, terrorism has cost India the lives of two of its prime ministers and thousands of innocent civilians, border guards serving India day and night.

India’s pro-Pakistan terrorists They are making a mess of paradise. Kashmir in the north, Arunachal, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya and Tamil Nadu in the northeast are under the shadow of terrorism. Even in a peaceful state like Maharashtra, terrorism is on the rise.

“Northeast is smoldering due to terrorism Kashmir and Petlanya Gujarat are the only destruction of humanity. The form of terrorism has changed over the last decade. Today, fundamentalists have given a religious vein to terrorism.

To deal with this terrorism The whole world needs to come together. The overthrow of the Taliban regime is a slap in the face of terrorism. The world’s contentious issues need to be resolved amicably.

The question of terrorism is two of you The fronts have to be solved. Although terrorist organizations are Muslim, not all Muslims are terrorists. Understanding this difference will change your attitude. The root of terrorism lies in social discontent.

Initiatives by governments in every nation It is necessary to take a tough stand against any religious fundamentalism through development, negotiation, employment, bread. Today, it is important to build unity and harmony on the issue of terrorism. Is needed Social to all to create unity on these questions, To create economic, political, educational security, to teach national unity and to create a sense of cosmopolitanism.

“Yes, yes, I have faith in my mind.

I’m sure we will

One day success,

There will be peace all around and one day “

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