The place of humor in life Essay Marathi | Jivanatil Vinodache Sthan Essay in English

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The place of humor in life Essay Marathi | Jivanatil Vinodache Sthan Essay in English

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The place of humor in life Essay Marathi | Jivanatil Vinodache Sthan Essay in English


The place of humor in life Essay Marathi | Jivanatil Vinodache Sthan Essay in English

Hello friends, today we have the humor of life We are going to look at Marathi essays. There have been many interpretations of man. I think one of them is sarcastic. The laughing animal is the man. Has anyone ever seen a dog smile? Has anyone heard such a complaint that ‘this donkey makes me laugh’.

There are two main types of humor. A Based on conduct, another based on thought. Ethical and thoughtful. The humor of a clown and a counterfeiter is based on strange gestures, humorous gestures. This type is no less valuable.

Inconsistency is the soul of humor. Wherever we see inconsistencies, we can smile. Husband and wife, limbs, height – thickness, character should be consistent. But when we see a couple, their wives It’s like a pumpkin. And her walking next to her The husband is as tall and cuddly as Padwal,

Because then you can smile He has no companionship. That couple is inconsistent. There are many types. Topical, subjective, wordy. If humor is based on an occasion, then topical. A man’s stomach was so big and swollen that when it came time to scratch his stomach, he had to scratch his stomach with outstretched arms.

When it depends on the person He is subjective. Some literalism is a joke caused by words. Ca. Ra. C. Gadkari says of his cheating mentality, “Our cheating is as delicate as a late and there is a flower in the eyes of our thaki just like there is a flower on the late.”

A story in literal humor Remember, if the word on which the joke is based is changed, the joke does not remain a joke. In this joke, Suman used the word ‘flower’ instead of the word, but the joke ended.

Humorous exaggeration, disappointmentThere are many types of punctuation. An English man said to an American man, ‘We have such devices that if a goat is put in it, its flesh, skin and bones will automatically separate.’ And the goat meat comes out of the cans.

The American man said, ‘Hey So nothing. We have such machines that we put your box full of goat meat in the machine, that the goat comes out on the other side. ‘ (Exaggeration). At one point, Eyre was giving a speech.

He said, ‘Friends, like Mama Varerkar There is no better writer in the whole world. ‘ People applauded. When the applause subsided, Atre said mischievously, “That’s his opinion.” (Disappointment) Late Shripad Krishna was a Muslim servant of Kolhatkar.

He said, “What happened today?”Why did my aunt die today? Why did my grandmother die today? And asked for money for their burial. When he asked, Kolhatkar would pay. But when he saw that their demands were increasing, Kolhatkar once said to him,

‘Look, I’m burying your relatives It won’t last. ‘ There is a lot going on here with the phrase ‘Purun Urne’. There is a pun. Humor is a deadly thing. Some – some jokes quickly become stale. A joke based on an event at a time when the event is forgotten and the joke ends. While giving speeches in the United Maharashtra Movement. Making many quotes, telling jokes, now that movement, that time is gone.

Then those quotas of Attar People don’t understand those jokes. Some jokes are temporary. They depend on the tastes of the people. For a time, Kolhatkar’s plays were very humorous. Today I started reading those plays, I don’t know where the audience was laughing.

‘Sudamyache Pohe’ written by him This is not the case here.) Language is changing. Tastes change. Then the one-time joke doesn’t stay. The character Vakratund in the play ‘Khadashtak’ (Writer – Sh. P. Joshi) should make the audience of that time hold their stomachs and laugh.

There is so much humor in it today Don’t feel colored. Vakratund says, ‘We have just come to the flower competition.’ Many find this incomprehensible. Sometimes when joking, the distinction of the joker is lost and there is no joke.

Ca. Ra. C. Gadkari’s your In the play Bhavbandhan, the black color of Indu and Bindu is joked in such a way that it bothers many. What if a black person came to see the play? People who make jokes start laughing that often flows and jokes that hurt the mind.

With your hands and mouth An elderly father arrives to take the child to the cemetery. Someone says inappropriately, ‘What a great thing! He came to deliver you, but you came to deliver him. ‘

Humor is a double-edged sword. Just as he laughs at one stream, so he hurts at the other. Ca. Q. K. Atre late. Madhav criticized Julian so much that he literally cried. Sometimes a humorous person makes a joke that should be counted as a cruel joke.

Asked a famous comedian, ‘C. On What happened to the conspirators? ‘ The answer was, ‘Cancer.’ The comedian immediately said, ‘Cancer? Then no answer. That’s a cruel joke, isn’t it? Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks