The plight of villages Marathi essay | KHEDYANCHI DURVYAVSTHA ESSAY IN MARATHI

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The plight of villages Marathi essay | KHEDYANCHI DURVYAVSTHA ESSAY IN MARATHI

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The plight of villages Marathi essay | KHEDYANCHI DURVYAVSTHA ESSAY IN MARATHI


The plight of villages Marathi essay | KHEDYANCHI DURVYAVSTHA ESSAY IN MARATHI

Hello friends Today we have a Marathi essay on the plight of villages Let’s see. Before the Industrial Revolution, most of the people of India lived in villages. But as the Industrial Revolution unfolded, people flocked to the cities in the hope of finding work.

What does today’s picture look like? Village dew The cities are falling apart. As a result, cities are becoming more and more desolate. It is also important to think about why people want to come to the city despite the problem of space, water scarcity, pollution, increasing number of accidents, constant anxiety. The answer is the same

For the stomach. Agriculture is for the people Was the major business. The former was the balutedar method; Therefore, all the needs of the village were shared in the village itself. Let’s help each other ‘, everyone was helping each other. Even if you work hard today to get a crop, you are not sure if you will get the right price.

Brokers have a monopoly, So the farmers have to sell the goods to these brokers by Nilaja. Then the price of the goods is not the farmer; The broker will decide. Concessions for farms, projects started, schemes do not reach the farmers.

So indebtedness, poverty Only the fifth of them remains worshiped. Apart from this many problems have to be faced by the farmers, alternatively the people in the rural areas. Twelve-hour load shedding in the village, so they do not benefit from anything that runs on electricity.

No transportation. Water scarcity That’s it. Rivers and wells flow in summer. No schools, no colleges. It is not possible for farmers to afford to travel to or from the city for education alone. No medical facilities.

Leave the hospitals alone; But also a doctor Not available. Since there are no facilities available in the city, development is not possible in the village. Living in a village is difficult as there is no opportunity to move forward in life. Due to all these inconveniences, the villages are in dire straits today.

People in rural areas live in ignorance. Lack of education increases superstition. Being a poor people, they are being deceived and obstructed. Village administration is a different matter. To make villagers dance to your tune, Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself! Everything affects the rural people, their whole life.

He was in a constant state of helplessness, A life without self-respect. People in the village still have to face many problems; So it was impossible to live a good life. Man wants entertainment, wants four moments of leisure;

But where to get it in rural areas? The younger generation is fascinated by it. So the younger generation must be attracted to cities, right? People will prefer to stay in the villages only if the causes of the plight of the villages are found and remedied. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks