The power of advertising Marathi essay | Jahirati Che Samarthya Essay In Marathi

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The power of advertising Marathi essay | Jahirati Che Samarthya Essay In Marathi

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The power of advertising Marathi essay | Jahirati Che Samarthya Essay In Marathi


The power of advertising Marathi essay | Jahirati Che Samarthya Essay In Marathi

Hi Friends, today we have the power of advertising We will look at Marathi essays. It is said that God is on fire, on earth, on wood, on stone. This description applies to just about anyone, but to advertisers. The woman who swims in the water says with her hands up, just three hundred rupees for a waterproof watch.

Go anywhere, you’re welcome Advertise to attend. Advertisement on pole, advertisement on crack, advertisement on advertisement. A large rock is seen passing through the ghat. It is written on that stone; ‘Eat Satari Zarda! It is breathtaking.

Three quarters of the earth is water And a quarter is land. I think the amount of advertising should be the same. Take the example of TV. TV is for advertising only. All ads; From time to time, if they get time, they show a program, if not an acharat.

The importance of TV in human life Is unique. Life without TV is like a girl without soul. Advertising gives you knowledge and experience. Look at this, which nut, which soap is used to make Fair and Lovely,

Without these ads you would Would have known Have we remained ignorant? If it wasn’t for the ‘safety cycle’ around us, all the fun in life would have been gone. Poor people don’t get to eat eggs, they don’t know that eggs are shampoo.

They used shampoo, but their eggs Not in the stomach, but the diagnosis would have gone to the head. Advertisements teach you how to make another mama. ‘Pay one rupee a day and take five hundred and one at the end of the month.’ I paid once a day.

At the end of the month to ask for five hundred rupees If I go, he will put five hundred and one bar of soap on my hand. Some advertisements are confusing. Some ads are totally false. Some ads are political. They are telling us how our party is the savior.

By a sugar factory, once Advertised that if we ate sugar, diabetes would not occur. Some ads are tempting. They make you watch that beggar movie by printing sexy pictures of naked women who are not in the movie at all.

But some advertisements Are annoying. Some ads have beauty, they have power. But sometimes their beauty is disgusting, disgusting. Some ads look like upstairs women. Just for the sake of advertising, the women who are displaying the beauty and beauty of God, the ugly, disgusting display, see that the fire of the soles of their feet goes to the head.

Which cigarettes invite cancer, Do you advertise that cigarette? Do you promote alcohol that makes a person an animal? In the case of women, do you whisper about the obligatory whisper?

What a shit in a man’s life What about these ads? This ad should be burned – the world. I am going to form a strong organization against such advertisements. But I am also going to give an advertisement of that organization. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks