The Story of a Revolutionary Marathi Essay | eka krantikarkache kahani english essay

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The Story of a Revolutionary Marathi Essay | eka krantikarkache kahani english essay

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The Story of a Revolutionary Marathi Essay | eka krantikarkache kahani english essay


The Story of a Revolutionary Marathi Essay | eka krantikarkache kahani english essay

Hello friends, today we tell you the story of a revolutionary We will look at Marathi essays. At a time when chanting ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and ‘Vande Maratam’ was a crime, many sons of Bharat Mata sacrificed their lives.

The country by abolishing slavery My name is proudly taken as one of the liberators and revolutionary. In fact, I should have gained fame, I should have gained greatness, so I did not do this. It is the duty of every son to respect his mother, to take care of her, to take care of her. I did my duty.

Revolution means change. Any changes No one can do it in one day or alone. But revolution is not so easy. It requires indomitable willpower. Swimming with the current is different and swimming against the current is different.

Finding a new way without going through the motions And it is not as easy to bear the thorns as it is to walk on that path. But friends, this journey of life is going to end sooner or later. So why keep his temptation? It is very fortunate to die while fighting for the country.

I am a revolutionary. I was described as a ‘burning cheetah’. I was born in 1845 in Shirdhon. Balwant Phadke is my father. Anantrao is my grandfather. They were all pampering me. They had made a small car for me and she had a buck jump.

I sat in that car and walked around He used to walk around the village. As a child, I learned to ride a horse; I became proficient in swimming. I also learned how to turn a stick, how to turn a wheel. My courage would not let me rest.

In 1857, I was twelve years old, Then there was an uprising against the British in North India. Information about Tatya Tope, Queen of Jhansi, Nanasaheb Peshwa, Kunwar Singh and their deeds started falling on my ears. Hearing that, my blood started to flow;

The mind began to be burdened with patriotism. In Pune, I listened to a lecture by Justice Mahadev Govind Ranade on Swadesha. They inspired me. So I set up an organization called ‘Aikyavardhini’. Swadeshi took vows. I started doing small things with public uncles.

Inspired by me, many enthusiasts, Courageous young men began to work with me. My circle of friends began to grow. I gave many lectures in front of Shaniwarwada. The work of freedom began to grow. Money was needed for that.

We used to go from village to village and from there To get money from moneylenders. The money collected was used to pay salaries to various people in the army, such as gunmen, swordsmen, spearmen, sailors, sailors, spies, wound healers, eye lifters, cooks, blacksmiths and bullock cart owners. Everyone was doing their job well.

The tyranny of white officials is increasing Was running. They had crossed the line of oppression. My anger was growing. One day we sat down and made a manifesto and sent it to all the white officers. The English got angry. They announced a reward of four thousand rupees for my capture. So I had to face many difficulties and eventually I had to go into hiding.

Friends, I have a bad thing It seems. That thing is fituri. I will never forgive the sons of the same mother who were fed up with the British for petty selfishness. Everyone born in this soil has a duty to maintain faith in this soil. Instead, they sell the faith for a small profit,

It also makes you angry. Someone like that caught me with a current. I found myself in the clutches of the British. So my country work was hampered. I was sued. I was so afflicted with tuberculosis that I finally had to say goodbye to this motherland in 1883.

But friends, the burning cheetah I lit. It did not light up until independence. That was the meaning of my life. This is what I want to say even today, now that we have got Swarajya, do Surajya. Stay away from addictions. Try to realize the dream of ‘Tomorrow’s strong India’. Take flight from the eagle.

Bright from the sun.

Decide from the mountain,

Smell the flowers,

Take the edge from the thorns,

Take the vastness from the sky,

Speed ​​from the wind,

Be the strong son of Mother India

And protect her wholeheartedly. Jai Hind, Bharat Mata Ki Jai! Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks