Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s Future Marathi Essay | aajchi balke udyache bhavishya essay in english

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Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s Future Marathi Essay | aajchi balke udyache bhavishya essay in english

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Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s Future Marathi Essay | aajchi balke udyache bhavishya essay in english


Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s Future Marathi Essay | aajchi balke udyache bhavishya essay in english

Hello friends, today you Today’s children are tomorrow’s future We will look at Marathi essays.

‘Children are real beads,

These stars are in everyone’s view.

It is a small flower

Who are dear to God.

These children who are pure in heart, Indeed, there are bright stars for the future of Mother India. This is the law of creation, old leaves fall off, new leaves sprout in its place, it makes the tree bloom. Flowers, gives fruits and flowers to everyone.

The same story with your little ones– It is for small children. Human race, existence of society, village, country and all. The world revolves around this life cycle. But with today’s changing times, both parents go out for work. It is impossible to find grandparents at home now.

To earn money with rising inflation Parents work for their child’s education. Children, however, have to be admitted to the nursery since dawn. Due to the growing population and segregated family system, families are now leaning towards the concept of ‘Hum Do Hamara Ek’.

The baby is well cared for in the nursery as well Socialization will not happen. As the baby gets older. As time goes on, his friends grow. The ‘school-education-study-variety class’ keeps the children fully engaged. There is no way to express your feelings, your thoughts to anyone,

Na swad. Their thoughts are suppressed by fear. You also have to use the phone to talk to your parents. Of course, there are countless temptations that come with being young and young – TV, commercials, music, songs,

Games, videos and more Chatting on the Internet. Unknowingly, these children go away. Instead of the mother’s lullaby, they have to listen to some squeaky songs. Meals in front have to be served on discarded or sometimes baked goods.

Neither the hand of love, nor the hand of kinship No identity, no family, no home, no door, no village and no country. They are not acquainted with anything … their love for anything is not created in them.

By the way, time is always changing Is. Also, various organizations are working these days to show the right direction to these children. Basic education lessons from schools, personality development classes, playgrounds, art-hobby classes. There are laboratories and so on

Let the students take advantage of them For this, parents and teachers must make efforts. Special day from school program, anniversaries of great leaders, National-religious festivals, excursions, competitions, examinations Various activities are also carried out. It is very important to introduce them to their new children.

To create today’s citizens It is the important duty of today’s adults to give these children the right shape, their mental, physical, intellectual growth and development in the right way. These innocent, truly innocent children are truly ‘earthen balls’. We must give it the right shape.

Abraham Lincoln is also right on children The rites should be done, it is guided. Parents should fulfill this responsibility at an early age. Your child’s bNot only for finances but also for the future of the countryWe have to give our children the fight and love of grandparents. That is why affection for each other is created.

Don’t be tempted by the surroundings They continue to inculcate these rites in the minds of the cowards, those advertisements … News-movies have the exact opposite effect on these children and these children are more likely to become lazy-chani-changalvadi.

From then on, parents and teachers, At the same time, only if the society tries to keep the children away, the future will be bright for them and for them. Sometimes children get involved in unnecessary addictions, get frustrated … In such cases, if they are not given proper counseling, then the children get lost. They are difficult to correct.

Strong, capable, healthy, addiction free, Wise children are the strength of that country. Love, faith, duty, perseverance. Hardship etc. Parents, teachers, society should all be aware of the accumulation of many qualities in them.

The most important ‘defeat’ is smiling Awareness should be created in them to accept and celebrate ‘victory’ with restraint. There is no doubt that the future of the country will be bright from that. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks