Truth wins Marathi essay | Satyacha Vijay Hoto Essay In Marathi

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Truth wins Marathi essay | Satyacha Vijay Hoto Essay In Marathi

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Truth wins Marathi essay | Satyacha Vijay Hoto Essay In Marathi


Truth wins Marathi essay | Satyacha Vijay Hoto Essay In Marathi

Hello friends, today we are winning the truth We will look at Marathi essays. “Satyam Shivam Sundaram” Truth is Shiva, is beautiful. Truth is truth. It has been proved that truth prevails in the world. Truth is considered as the ideal principle in Indian culture.

Where truth, non-violence and religion take every step.

That India is my country, that India is my country.

That is why Satyamev wins’

This is the motto of the justice process. God of justice The truth is caught. She has scales in her hand. She wants justice for all. Truth is an eternal thing. The truth is never hidden. It would appear at some point. Truth is like an ondakya. No matter how much Ondka presses, when he releases his hand, he jumps up just as fast.

Formerly King Harishchandra was known as Satyavadi. Truth has tremendous power. That is why what is eternal, what is powerful, is eternal. Asatya was burnt like a cotton wool. Such an effective tool is very important in life. That is why Mahatma Gandhi experimented with truth.

In his childhood he was King Harishchandra ‘ This book was read. It affected them. He had once made a mistake by lying. This thing struck them. From then on, they embraced the truth. Gautama Buddha says –

“The one who is truthful is the one who is truly happy.” Gandhiji agreed with this and he never supported untruths. One has to lie, that one has to lie constantly. The advantage of speaking the truth is that you don’t have to remember what you’re talking about.

But the constant liar is always exposed. No one is willing to trust him. Once lost faith, that he can never earn. The building of life stands on the foundation of faith. If the foot is raw, the building will collapse. This means that truth always wins.

A lot of people always told lies, ‘Landaga aala re’. People used to run to him with sticks and lanterns in their hands. But when people got there, they realized it was fun; Was false. But when the time came for him, no one came to his aid.

There is no religion like truth, superior to truth There is nothing else like it; And there is nothing in the world that is worse than untruth, as the Mahabharata promises. When Dharmaraja uttered ‘Naro or Kunjarova’, his chariot hit the ground. He always walked on four fingers from the ground.

Truth has no place in the imagination. Because the seeker of truth never wanders in the world of imagination, never will. Truth is real experience. So always practice the truth. Truth is the honey in the voice and truth is the life in religion; That is why love of world is born out of it.

That is why Gautama Buddha taught religion Emphasized truth in teaching. Swami Vivekananda always followed the truth. They say, “Everything can be sacrificed for the sake of truth; But truth cannot be sacrificed for anything. “

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