Values ​​Education and Media Marathi Essays | MULAKSHAR AANI PRASAR MADHYAM ESSAY IN MARATHI

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Values ​​Education and Media Marathi Essays | MULAKSHAR AANI PRASAR MADHYAM ESSAY IN MARATHI

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Values ​​Education and Media Marathi Essays | MULAKSHAR AANI PRASAR MADHYAM ESSAY IN MARATHI


Values ​​Education and Media Marathi Essays | MULAKSHAR AANI PRASAR MADHYAM ESSAY IN MARATHI

Hello friends, today we have value education and media We will look at Marathi essays. The carefree attitude of the world is growing. In today’s world, there is a huge increase in indulgence and chauvinism.

People who are only materially happy today They are running away, they are forgetting truth, love, empathy, honesty. If the children who are studying in school and college today forget all these rites, then in the future they will suffer from severe depression. This requires a system that focuses on value education and it is needed today.

To a fragmented country like India Despite having an ideal cultural heritage, we have forgotten this heritage, we too have become deer running after mirage for material upliftment. This does not mean that in the age of science, India’s approach to industrialization was wrong, but in doing so

Mental health of Indians, of virtues The Indian government, the education system, has not shown the planning required for the development to take place as it should have. This is a fact. He says that Krishnamurti’s thoughts are very valuable.

Radio, Literature, Newspapers, Movies, Television These media can effectively do the work of value education. Today, these tools have a tremendous impact on the society, on the minds of the people in the society. These tools are also helping to shape their personality.

The power to cultivate the human mind Of course in the literature. Literature can do a great job of enriching the knowledge of children, developing their thinking and intellect. E.g. Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavad Gita etc. Newspapers have become a daily necessity of the people and their growing need is a sign of social progress.

But some great, quality newspapers If left unchecked, their tendency is more to provoke public opinion than to arouse public opinion. Emphasis is placed on its exaggeration. Instead of displaying the truth by considering both sides, it is either praised or condemned in isolation.

Party newspapers are one step ahead of this. Instead of campaigning for their own votes, they are more interested in bullying the opposition leaders. Even children read such newspapers, which adversely affects their immature minds.

Newspapers your social And with a little bit of restraint and discretion about the information published in the newspapers, recognizing the moral responsibility, the bad effects can be avoided.

Everyone from the youngest to the oldest The main attraction is cinema. The effect of Nat-Natya’s style can be seen everywhere in the society at home.

Of course, it is the fault of the students Not everywhere, the uninterrupted cine music that is heard, as well as the majority of the films are full of murder fights, nasty incidents, uplifting dances, erotic incidents. Such consequences can be avoided. Considering the power of movies, it is very important to use them for education.

Television is equally effective Is the medium. Not only sound can be heard on the radio, but also the scene can be seen along with the sound on the television. The experience that comes from seeing the actual scene of any event gives knowledge

What can be tasted is more effective Is. Therefore, it is safe to say that television is the best source of experience and knowledge transfer. It is also important for the students to see that many useful programs are being aired on the channels for the benefit of the students.

Cinema is not so much behind them Radio has also become a means of daily entertainment. At the same time, it adds to our knowledge. But the situation is that you have the radio on.

Only Vividh Bharati, your choice, filmy It is not immoral to listen to or sing songs just for the sake of it. But there is a limit to anything, there are so many types of programs on the air. News Women Farmers

Workers, lectures, but they schoolNot only will they happen during college time, but they should also give instructions and foreknowledge to the students to listen to the program and discuss the issues with them the next day.

The work of teaching values ​​to the media Money laundering can be more effective and what about me? It is not difficult, if not really difficult, to get rid of this attitude of indifference. It is easily possible. Thanks