Vanashree there Dhanashree Marathi essay | vanashree tethe dhanashri essay in english

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Vanashree there Dhanashree Marathi essay | vanashree tethe dhanashri essay in english

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Vanashree there Dhanashree Marathi essay | vanashree tethe dhanashri essay in english


Vanashree there Dhanashree Marathi essay | vanashree tethe dhanashri essay in english

Hello friends, today you are there, Dhanashree We will look at the essay. Saint Tukaram emphasized the importance of forests in the words,

Wealth is very important in everyone’s life Is. In fact, these forests are just as important. Forests meet the three basic needs of human life – food, clothing, shelter. In this world of globalization and modernization Forests are more important to the village than money. Shrubs Without it, human life would have been like a dark night.

To look at life positively Forests are a source of hope. To be stress free, humans constantly choose to be alone in the forest. Forests play a vital role in the history of India. Meditation of knowledge, reading was done in the vicinity of those bushes.

Many saints visit these forests Kalpak has written such poems. Forests in nature are an endless ocean that gives scope to the imagination of the poet. Our earth has got some greenery with these forests.

Important question facing developed countries This means that the growth of forests has been greatly reduced due to the effects of globalization. It is said that due to the perverted nature of human beings, such as ‘intellect contrary to destructiveness’, it has brought crisis upon itself.

Forests with increasing temperature of the earth Haas is an important cause and therefore it is time for all of us to call forests as wealth. Forests are an important element of nature. This is an important resource. The basic human needs are met through plants.

Fruit production is similar in Ayurveda Various medicines are obtained from forests. Medicinal plants like blood sandalwood, adulsa, eucalyptus, basil are obtained in nature. Diseases that are not cured are cured by these forests. The importance of forest trees is probably even greater than this wealth.

Environmental climate is important The forest has a big impact on the factor. Large areas have abundant water resources in areas where forests are abundant. Due to the large number of trees, the air has a high humidity.

This results in a large supply of vapor Happens. Humans who overpower nature using tools may not be able to find alternatives to forests. Humans have to settle in this place. Forests are the mainstay of animal life.

Wildlife is found in large numbers in that place. In the world of modernization, you get most of your raw materials from forests. Forests play a vital role in preserving tribal culture. India has pointed out that some of the islands in the Adman-Nicobar archipelago still have tribal culture.

Human life is oxygen in the air Depending on the gas, plants produce a large amount of oxygen in the process of photosynthesis. It would be equally beneficial to look at forests as a resource.

Wood for burning from forests Timber is supplied for buildings. From this we all have to make an important decision. Only forests can save human beings who are greedy for money.

Humans themselves to destroy forests Is the cause. The discovery of human migratory forms of agriculture in the tropics has led to massive deforestation. The condition of forest resources in India is critical.

Alternatives to animals for forest protection Fodder needs to be arranged. This will stop deforestation. The animal should not be left to graze. It is necessary to plant trees by justifying various programs. Through the school curriculum for young children

Forests cover 20.5% of total land area in India That’s it. It should be 33.33% for ecological balance. Action to prevent deforestation needs to be taken by individuals as well as groups. For this, every citizen should be made aware of the importance of forests.

Even if the trees are cut down, each one has one It is necessary to plant a tree. Large number of parks and roadside trees should be planted to curb pollution in the city.

The importance of forests to human beings in the situation Should be recognized. Forests should be included in our economic development while a continental country like India is pursuing development. The Government of India has undertaken a major campaign to preserve the forests. The Government of India has enacted various laws regarding forests.

Punitive for deforestation Action is taken. Humans cut down a large number of forests for personal gain, but when humans realize the importance of forests, they will have less time to run around. That is why – ‘Plant trees, save trees and save the country.’ Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks