Verulchi Kailasaleni Marathi Essay | Verulchi Kailash Leni Essay In Marathi

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Verulchi Kailasaleni Marathi Essay | Verulchi Kailash Leni Essay In Marathi

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Verulchi Kailasaleni Marathi Essay | Verulchi Kailash Leni Essay In Marathi


Verulchi Kailasaleni Marathi Essay | Verulchi Kailash Leni Essay In Marathi

Hello friends, today we are in Kailasaleni Marathi of Eluru We will look at the essay. Emerging in Maharashtra during the two dynasties of Chalukya and Pallava, and also during the period of the mighty Rashtrakuta dynasty, a large number of art and architectural works were produced in Maharashtra.

These artifacts come mainly from Eluru near Aurangabad Get to see the place. We get to see Ellora take Kailas. Kailash is a monolithic temple. The shores of the Kailasa temple are 15 feet high, and large statues of elephants, lions and vultures are carved there.

Numerous sculptures and idols in the precincts of the temple Are carved. There are also sculptures that tell various stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata. Other sculptures include Mahishamardini’s sculptures relating to Mahabalipuram’s sculptures, Rati and Madan’s Ikshudanda with sculptures, as well as Shiva’s Tripurantaka etc.

Abhishekalakshmi’s grand in front of the door The sculpture looks. She is shown sitting on a fully developed lotus, one of the many lotuses in the lake. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. After first saluting this deity of prosperity, the spectator actually enters the precincts of Kailasa. Just like this sculpture

Slaughter of Yogishwar and Andhakasur of Shiva The idols are also very grand and overwhelming. ____There is a huge sculpture on the floor of the main temple. This sculpture is known as ‘Ravananugraha’. This sculpture in Kailash is the culmination of the sculptor’s experience and skills so far.

Without looking at this sculpture and without By the way, if you come back from Eluru, then that Eluru-visit is in vain! On his way back to Lanka after defeating Shiva devotee Ravana Kubera, he wants to visit Lord Shiva on Kailasa.

But since Shivaparvati is in solitude The gatekeeper interrupts Ravana and makes him angry. He thinks of uprooting the entire Kailash mountain and starts moving Kailash. All the inhabitants of the mountain are afraid and pray to Shiva. Shiva pushes Ravana into the abyss with his toe.

The sculpting of this thing is very detailed Looks like done here. Dashanana’s head is shown quite independently. Also, many of his hands are shown engaging in various things. But the truth is, it’s the body behind it. It seems that the artist must have carved this sculpture after a thorough study of the human body.

A man carrying so much weight The back muscles are stretched as well as stretched. The view of the mountains on his hands and Kailasa on it. The haha: the car that flew over Kailasa when the mountains started moving, seems to have been described here as catastrophic.

The composition of this sculpture and of individuals The main feature of this sculpture is the idea of ​​their mood coming from physical gestures. Also, the frightened maiden inside, her escape while fleeing is very neatly shown by the sculptors.

In the original mountain rock around the temple The overlay div is responsible for holding dimming the rest of the page. It contains many incarnations of Shiva and Vishnu.

In it, Kalyan Sundar means Shiva And the occasion of Parvati’s marriage is engraved with many details. Coming through these overs, there is a hall called ‘Yajnashala’. On the right is ‘Sarita Mandir’. The temple has idols of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. The Kailasnath temple is too small to be described.

“Crafts are made, broken stones.

Vishwadaya is a beautiful temple

Kailash Temple, Ellora

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