Water Conservation Marathi Essay | Jalsandharan Essay in Marathi

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Water Conservation Marathi Essay | Jalsandharan Essay in Marathi

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Water Conservation Marathi Essay | Jalsandharan Essay in Marathi


Water Conservation Marathi Essay | Jalsandharan Essay in Marathi

Hello friends, today we are water conservation We will look at Marathi essays. Along with the so-called ‘Soyari-Vanchare’, the trees on the life-giving beautiful planet are also disappearing. This paradise is becoming desolate, it is industrial progress, mechanization, abundant use of chemical fertilizers,

Irresponsibility of natural resources Consumption, population growth and many more! So the environment will be polluted. Long ago, Emperor Ashoka and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj were concerned about the balance of organic and inorganic creation; But Today Shakuntala bids farewell to Kanvamuni’s Ashram The days have come to remember the care that was taken for the trees …

This deteriorating face of the earth And the dangerous entity should not be further eroded, so we are all in the industry. Repentance is a mistake Management of natural resources for improvement We are going to do it. As this ‘awakening’ begins at the individual, collective and governmental levels, we are turning to reforestation,

We started to care about the environment We are. The gray-yellow band should not be visible on the earth, it should be painted green, so we started trying. We have started social forestry to meet our needs by planting trees in the area outside the forest.

You are the only inheritor of the environment We are also the trustees who protect and enrich it. So let’s pledge to maintain its balance, ‘said former Chief Minister Shri. It was created by Shankarrao Chavan on the 14th World Environment Day.

We used tree cover for fuel, So the soil eroded at a tremendous rate. Rains have repeatedly lashed Maharashtra. The standard of living on the ground went down. The ‘right direction for water’ wandered. This happened again and again. When did it rain?

Carrying the soil, it became incense. Fertility Destroyed rapidly. As a result, the drought created economic problems. The development cycle of farmers and the government has stalled and the need of the hour has been to make a revolutionary program that will transform the agrarian economy as a whole.

Out of that ‘Small-Watershed Development ProgramThat is, the five year program ‘Water Conservation’ was born for the watershed area! Six to seven inches above the ground All living things and well-being on earth depend on this layer. Moreover, the need for water conservation is urgently felt considering that one millimeter of soil layer is washed away, about six to seven tons of soil per hectare.

On the waters of the Lord’s gift Even though everyone has a right, isn’t regulation of water use just as important? This program for agriculture and rural development has the financial support of Employment Guarantee Scheme, Jawahar Yojana and other schemes. Involvement of NGOs in this work has also contributed to its success.

But considering the rate of soil erosion Water conservation needs to be implemented very quickly. So this plan is also a challenge. It is necessary to carry out soil and water conservation work on about 20 lakh hectares of cultivated and the same amount of fallow or forest land in one year. There are about 10,000 employees in Krishimadatanis, Soil Conservation (Classified in Water Conservation) and Benor Yojana.

Government employees on duty The combination of collective and positive feedback has led to the success of the Watershed Development Plan in rural areas. How will the awareness and speed of water conservation come to the minds of the people unless they are involved in campaigns like Zilla Parishad, Gram Panchayat, Panchayat Samiti? Lok Shikshan-Prabodhan is useful on this question like ‘Saline’.

Some of the groundwater conservation to the people Traditional methods are known. This will give them light too. ‘Real development is the proper use of local land, water, forests, animal husbandry, crops and human resources in accordance with the characteristics of agro-climatic conditions’

It must be inculcated in the people; This means that the umbilical cord of the rural population will be well connected with the development of the watershed area and the water will be blocked. I think the incense will come to zero! By stopping soil erosion, it is possible to store water. Grasses also play an important role in stopping incense.

Windy due to trees The incense is reduced. Therefore, the importance of water conservation is realized through social forestry. Proper planting of seasonal crops, perennial crops, orchards, trees, pastures, etc. will ensure stability and continuity of water cycle and water scarcity will be avoided.

The area of ​​water naturally Flowing (downhill) and flowing from one place through a nala, that whole area is called ‘catchment area’. In Maharashtra it 10 thousand 136. Shendoorjana Ghat in Vidarbha One of them. There, the tax collectors set up a local water conservation committee and completed a five-foot-high iron mesh stone embankment of 6,000 square feet in the Chudaman river near the village with the help of government officials.

This is the Mahayagya of ‘Jalsamvardhana’ There were different visions! On the occasion of the inauguration of this dam (May 25, 1992), recalling the statement of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, the then Chief Minister Shri. Sudhakarrao Naik had said:

Then the true meaning of Swarajya Will receive! ‘ However, due to uncontrolled and uncontrolled water use (abstraction) the ground water level went down rapidly. Therefore, water conservation program had to be planned for long term planning.

Water is the basis of life.

Save water with drops. ‘

We are the ones to say that Time has unfortunately brought us. 87 talukas of Maharashtra and about 30,000 villages come in drought prone areas every two-three years. ‘Water … water …’ Because 15% of rain water seeps into the soil, 85% is carried away. Planning for this facility (water conservation) for the remaining eight months is in order.

Rain is not in your hands, So what happened Rainwater harvesting, storage, conservation and conservation is in your hands! It should not be forgotten that the availability of water can increase the yield of arable land by six to eight times.

Some states in the US and Israel Regions like California are adorned with fruit ornaments, with each drop planned, without the slightest hint of rain. So with deforestation we can cover the deserted land with social forestry and forestry. Therefore, the roots of green bushes will block even the water!

Dams, waterproofing pits, Groundwater can be stored by sloping trenches, step-like dams on hilly terrain, contour bunding (Ghaipat, Nivdung farming), while its storage can be augmented by means of boreblast, jacket well, functional seal etc.

In addition, the traditional passage pond They supply water to the surrounding wells for a long time. Sobati has underground dams. There are techniques and technicians; But basically the problem would not have arisen, if … there was no need for solutions. Anyway!

Drinking water, water for animals or Water scarcity for agriculture appears every April-May. Sometimes there is no water in the soil below 400 feet. Then the fatwas of the government’s revenue, rural development and water conservation departments are issued as per ‘Nemichi Yeto …’. On the battlefield, new (every year) water is supplied to the rural areas by tankers.

Rainfall decreasing day by dayIn many places like Guguldoh (Dist. Nagpur) and Chincholi (Dist. Jalgaon) with the help of National Service Scheme. Thousands of young hands of youth Are standing. The government is committed. The villagers are also saying … they are also giving slogans …

‘Stop the water. Pour water. ‘

‘How can that not be?

Does not live without adalya‘Then where’ Temak ‘dam is built, where’ Mumtaz ‘dam stands while looking … India of’ tomorrow ‘will stand like this, water of self-confidence will be built … Teja’s songs will say … ‘Many like water conservation Plans will be fruitful, flourish, flourish, bear fruit … In the end, ‘My India is great.’ Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks