Water Conservation Marathi Essay | Water Conservation Essay in Marathi

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Water Conservation Marathi Essay | Water Conservation Essay in Marathi

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Water Conservation Marathi Essay | Water Conservation Essay in Marathi


Water Conservation Marathi Essay | Water Conservation Essay in Marathi

Hello friends, today we are water conservation We will look at Marathi essays. There is water, water and water, but what is water? Of course, nothing else can be given as much importance as water, but when we understand how water is used, how it is needed, then its importance will be understood.

Also when according to the principle of supply and demand When the water supply becomes abundant, the importance of water is not understood. But when there is a drought. Only when there is an insufficient supply of water, the importance of water is realized. It is better not to imagine what will happen if there is no running water in the city one day!

Any area where water is not used Not currently. Secondly, water is essential for drinking but due to scarcity of water, the importance of water is increasing in other areas. Currently, the rainfall is very low. River water is polluted due to industry and other reasons.

That water for drinking and other purposes Cannot be used. This means that as industries grow, water pollution will increase and the importance of water will continue to increase due to the limited availability of water. Currently water is being sold in the market.

Human beings today are after material happiness Has started. Man has forgotten his duty due to the influence of a monster called money. He lived only for the sake of money, the importance of money increased and more money began to play into the hands of people and on the strength of that money man began to buy whatever he wanted.

It contains furniture and other wooden items As the demand increased, so did the deforestation. Due to the extra money, industry increased the number of motor vehicles and increased air pollution. It had an effect on rainfall. These and many other man-made Incidents have completely upset the balance of nature. There is a terrible difference in the amount of rainfall. There remained uniformity in its distribution.

More in some places and more in others There was very little rain. As a result, uneven distribution of rainfall has begun to affect human life. In areas where rainfall is high, the population is concentrating Population is sparse in sparsely populated areas. Hence population distribution You can see that it depends on the availability of water.

How it used to rain You get it from your grandparents. It used to rain for a short time even in summer, but now it doesn’t rain that much. Man’s hand is behind all these disturbed balances of nature.

Every man has a little bit of water Responsible for declining availability. But water is declining. Rainfall is also declining. The mountains of ice are melting. Drought is on the rise. Groundwater levels are declining.

The temperature is rising, Therefore, the rate of water evaporation is increasing. As a result, the water level is declining. About 10% to 12% of the total rainfall goes underground and the rest goes to the sea through rivers. What should we do in this situation if it is not being used efficiently?

Things get out of hand Can we change this inside? In what ways can we prevent declining water availability? How to increase groundwater level? Can we control the evaporation of water at rising temperatures? What measures can be taken to reduce the rate of water evaporation?

All these questions are considered at school level Also, NGOs and every conscious citizen should take action without thinking. This is because the need for water is increasing as the rainfall is decreasing. Water is not necessary for agriculture, water is the blood of farmers. If the water recedes,

Understand that water availability has decreased The farmer became weak. If it is to be improved, water availability must be increased. India is an agricultural country. Farmers are the backbone of the country. Water is the blood of farmers, then if there is no water then farmers will not survive.

Its impact on the Indian economy If the health of the country and the country is deteriorating, then if the health of the country and its rain-fed farmers is not allowed to deteriorate, then various water or water conservation schemes must be implemented.

Ralegan Siddhi is a great example. Even if that village is imitated, 100% of the village will be free from water scarcity. We can take several measures to increase the groundwater capacity of water. What is needed is action, water conservation, rainwater harvesting.

For this, streams, streams, small rivers, Small dams should be built on Ohol. Don’t build big dams because it will submerge the fertile land along the river and even if water is supplied to the rocky, barren lands away from the river bank, production will not increase.

New commercial farming in the hands of farmers It started to get a little more money. Areas where there is water scarcity to increase agricultural production. In such areas, the number of coupon lines is increasing in Solapur, Sangli district. The farmer began to go 600 to 700 feet deep, so he began to increase that depth every year.

Therefore, intensive farmers are more economical When they prospered, the poor remained poor. This is entirely due to the depletion of groundwater level.

Essay on digging coupon line, water The scheme ‘Aadwa Pani Jirwa’ should be set up anew. Some people say that we are war sir Only for water. That’s right- there is a lot of money, but there is no water for drinking.

Save water, save country ‘ The campaign should start. For this, the use of Vanrai dam developed by Mohan Dharia should be increased. In rural areas, crowds should demonstrate their importance to the farmers through demonstrations on the field. By visiting Anna Hazare’s village There, they need to closely monitor the schemes implemented by them and spread it in the villages. Anna says,

“Running water should be taught to walkThe running water should be taught to come and the stagnant water should be taught to seep into the soil Groundwater levels may rise. Drop the raindrops into the soil. High water consuming crops e.g. Sugarcane should be replaced by low water crops. Excavation of coupon pipes should be done to a limited depth so that the ground water level remains within a certain limit.

The river connection scheme should be expanded extensively. Strict enforcement of tree planting and deforestation laws should be used to increase rainfall. Soil will be conserved. Friends, you can also tell by commenting how you felt about this essay. Thanks