Weekly Bazaar Marathi Essay l Aathavdyacha Bajar Marath Essay

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Weekly Bazaar Marathi Essay l Aathavdyacha Bajar Marath Essay

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Weekly Bazaar Marathi Essay l Aathavdyacha Bajar Marath Essay


Weekly Bazaar Marathi Essay l Aathavdyacha Bajar Marath Essay

Hello friends, today is your weekly market We will see Marathi Marathi essays. As the name suggests, Dongargaon is a small hill station. Agriculture is the occupation of most of the people in the village. There are also businesses that supplement agriculture.

Nitya shops to meet the needs of the village Not there. If you want to buy anything, weekly market is the only option. The market fills up every Monday. Each farmer brings ripe vegetables from his field for sale.

Everything from that week’s market Have to take. People from the surrounding villages also come there for shopping. There are no shops or stalls in the market. The sellers have to go first and grab the space. No one’s place is fixed, not reserved.

School holiday on weekday market day. Therefore, school children take study books with them and go and sit in the market to find a strategic place. I used to sit there and study and spread a long piece of dhotra or a blanket to determine my place. So much space for them.

The fixed rent for that place Should not be Vendors’ stomachs on their hands. Some even have to travel by mountain road.

Everything within an hour of watching The market is booming. Fresh red tomatoes, kovali green guar, okra, leafy vegetables, cilantro, chilli, cabbage, cucumber, radish, padwal. Fresh vegetables are artistically presented. Then the screams start to grab their customers. It seems as if their throats are bursting at the seams.

Women, men, girls in the market They start coming for shopping. Bargaining begins. The sellers are annoyed. The hard-earned vegetables, the labor of bringing them to the market, are of no value to the consumers. Even if the beggar gets angry by lowering the price, he has to swallow it silently.

Books other than vegetables, Stalls of toys, fine household items, stalls, etc. Any item can be found anywhere. From morning till evening, the market, which is full of people, begins to set.

Of men in those few hours Various forms of darshan take place. Some even come to see the exhibition. They have to take something, not that; But they just beat the drums.

A vision of rural life This shaping weekly market is truly an essential part of rural life. Here are the visions of people who are struggling for their lives by overcoming wool, rain, storms and wind. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks