When Agnidev gets angry Marathi essay jevha agnidev kpoptown essay english

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When Agnidev gets angry Marathi essay jevha agnidev kpoptown essay english

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When Agnidev gets angry Marathi essay jevha agnidev kpoptown essay english


When Agnidev gets angry Marathi essay jevha agnidev kpoptown essay english

Hello friends, today when we are angry with Agnidev We are going to look at Marathi essays. The biggest fire I have seen. Noon is the time of rush in the market, and this is the market of wholesale buyers.

The big merchants of the city will come here. Millions of rupees will be exchanged every day, the pictures will be changing from moment to moment. Look at the luxurious shops.

Wood accessories and timber This is the only place in the city to meet. Behind these magnificent shops are scattered warehouses, but in order not to be overlooked by this magnificent, rich world, the families of the poor are decorating their world from these dilapidated buildings around.

This handshake between rich and poor It is as if he is announcing communism. Look at that. The screams are coming from that seven storey building. Hey look, he’s trying to get out of that bad window.

Today, many days on that floor The windows were closed. How can those rooms be empty when there is so much space? Yes! They were not empty. There was a factory running. Always close windows as illegal work.

Plastic items are being made there, Many chemicals that are harmful to human life are boiled there. Millions of lives were endangered there for the benefit of a handful. But the troublemakers were not aware of this.

Factory closed today, But one of the guards put the half-extinguished vidi there and locked it and left. Weedy did his job. How long will it take to paint the plastic and chemicals in the room? The fire spread from the surrounding rooms. The stairs of that wooden building caught fire.

Wives upstairs-The children were helpless and started shouting. He was convinced that Agnidev would take his sacrifice now. The wind became restless and came to the aid of the angry fire god and the fire started spreading.

That flame of hunger is that of Anla There were red tongues. Wood warehouses are their favorite food. The flames spread, the fire spread to the whole market. ‘Fire, fire’ was heard everywhere. Joe was trying to save his property. But human efforts were insufficient in the face of the angry fire god. Thousands of people had gathered there but …

The bell rang, the firefighter Troops arrived. One, two, three … nine trains came in a row. The servants in black hats looked like black men, but their work was great, their agility was in their work. He started the work by risking his life.

High ladders were erected. And took down the trapped men. Seeing these heroes carrying unconscious people on their shoulders, it seems that they are real ‘social workers’. Water fountains were being killed in the sky. However, it took three hours to calm down the angry fire god.

20/25 people and lakhs of rupees The property must have fallen into his hands. Thousands of families were left destitute. And the social worker who caused this was missing. After finishing his work, the fire brigade vehicles returned.

But the police are there for protection Had stopped. There was a fierce arrogance of the burnt objects. The bustling market now looked gloomy. The skeleton of the burnt building looked horrible. The merchants whose warehouses were burnt were estimating their losses,

So those who have lost everything, Such poor families were living in squalor. They were faced with the question of ‘what next’. The people who had fallen victim to this fire of fire were mad and staring at the heap of ashes, and He was still a social worker. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks