When machines come alive Marathi essay | jevha yantre sajiv hotat english essay

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When machines come alive Marathi essay | jevha yantre sajiv hotat english essay

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When machines come alive Marathi essay | jevha yantre sajiv hotat english essay


When machines come alive Marathi essay | jevha yantre sajiv hotat english essay

Hello friends, today when we see machines come alive We will look at Marathi essays. The present age is said to be the ‘machine age’. Someone says, ‘Today’s man is a slave to the machine.’ After hearing such a proverbial sentence, a thought came to my mind.

‘How does this machine claim human rights? Are these machines really alive to make a man a master? ‘ While such thoughts were running through my mind, I started to hear some sounds. The light went on,

The fan on the wall started and the front one The radio also started automatically. If I looked closely, these devices were alive. If you get up and close all the buttons, it will not close. Now he started singing loudly on the tape recorder. Eventually, everyone in the house woke up.

Mom goes to the kitchen to see if there All the machines started working on their own. Garbage began to be removed. Other things started to go along with it. Ah, the ‘mixer’, the ‘garagara’ began to turn,

That’s how Aisaheb panicked. ‘Hey, Subhash, what’s going on? If I start to close all the buttons, they do not close. What do you want to do now? ‘ That’s when the song started on the radio. The proclamation started. “There would be no machines for human beings, human beings are for machines.

Ho-ho-ho is such a human slave.“If we go out to tell this joke to our friends in our house, they will have the same thing going on. There are flickering lights everywhere.

Theaters are big factories The machines are not ready to stop. Everybody went out from their homes, from their offices to find peace and tranquility. She was very upset. As the flour mill continued to grind flour and vehicles kept moving on the road, there was a commotion in the hospital.

Surgical instruments, ‘x’ The radiation machine is taking photos of everyone. All the people were running around in panic. What to do now Listening to songs and announcements on the radio, she was saying, ‘Indeed, we have become slaves of these machines!

See how the machines coordinate this Sodlase .. ‘ How to calm down these devices? And if it really calms down, what will happen to you? It is true that we are enslaved to these devices. Today we are annoyed because these devices have left the rhythm.

If this work is done tomorrow, then yours No one will eat dogs right now. In this improved world … whether it is a machine or a human being, everyone must keep their limits. In the meantime, a device was shouting from the speaker … explaining, ‘Oh man, you gave birth to us! We have come before you through your efforts.

Both of you have your limits You have to take care of it, but remember, these are the consequences of your hard work. ‘ It is up to you to decide when to start, how much to do and when to do it!

The machines will continue to do their work. But his button – his switch – you keep it in your hand. The advantages-disadvantages, welfare-disadvantage of it should be taken into consideration by human beings and it should be controlled. Is a man-made device, will continue to improve over time as needed.

Changing the world – new devices will come and that’s it ‘It must have been made by wonderful human beings. We must take control. Only then, even if the device comes alive, it will not be a problem. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks