Yatna to dev janava english essay YATNA TO DEV JANAVA ESSAY IN MARATHI

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Yatna to dev janava english essay YATNA TO DEV JANAVA ESSAY IN MARATHI

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Yatna to dev janava english essay YATNA TO DEV JANAVA ESSAY IN MARATHI


Yatna to dev janava english essay YATNA TO DEV JANAVA ESSAY IN MARATHI

Hello friends, today we should try to know that God We will look at Marathi essays. That is what Samarth Ramdas has said. Karma is the true identity of a human being. What he does, as he does, becomes his life. Life is full of troubles, difficulties, questions. But we want to walk the path of life without giving up.

Our effort is to worship our God Is. From that, your goal, your ambition will come true. “Effort can conquer everything,” Homer said.

The goal in life that you set It is not easy to cope with the hardships and difficulties of life while trying to achieve it. Dr. Sharad Kumar Dixit, who has taken a vow of human service, is himself disabled.

He underwent bypass surgery twice There is also cancer. Overcoming all this with a lion’s chest, he has vowed to perform four months of free plastic surgery in India every year.

Self-health became a question mark However, this great man who fulfills the goal of human service without giving up his effort! Effort is born out of great perseverance and perseverance. Nothing in life is easy. It takes effort.

“Udyame hi siddhayanti, karyani na manorathay :.

Na dormant lioness, deer in the mouth of Pravishanti:

Tasks are accomplished through industry (effort). Not by desire. The deer does not enter the mouth of the sleeping lion. It is said that destiny is lame without effort. Don’t try and blame the fate. Work hard with your heart, with both your hands. Move in the right direction then success is guaranteed.

‘Effort should sow a seed

The fruit should be like a grain of corn. ‘

One grain brings a thousand grains That’s not the point. That’s why pearls of effort fall into that soil! “The joy of effort is greater than the joy of achievement.” As Vinoba Bhave says. All the statements like “Where there is a working hand, there is green” all say the same thing. Try to “work”. Enjoy. Overcome adversity.

Don’t be fooled by failure. Try again Do it. You will definitely get success. Life is precious Don’t waste time. Make gold of the moment and do not be lazy to enjoy. Don’t rely on others. Strike yourself. Make your life more noble, blessed and perfect.

“He who flees in fear of the darkness,

The sun is not for them. ”

That’s what Kusumagraj said ….There is no alternative but to strive for success in this life of two hours. Abhimanyu’s efforts to enter the maze despite facing death and struggle to return victorious from the maze made him immortal. Saint Gadge Baba, Mother Teresa, Baba Amte worked for the welfare of the world. His life became gold.

What to live for is just for the world To rot ….. Be a Devhara, be an idol of God and come to the world! Be it an artist, a scientist, a saint or a social reformer, everyone has exerted their efforts, so they are immortal. The lives of great leaders and patriots bear witness to this.

Crying person lost in the forest What will happen if we stay in one place and do not try to find a way? The same thing comes to life step by step.

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