Yatna to dev janava english essay YATNA TO DEV JANAVA ESSAY IN MARATHI

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Yatna to dev janava english essay YATNA TO DEV JANAVA ESSAY IN MARATHI

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Yatna to dev janava english essay YATNA TO DEV JANAVA ESSAY IN MARATHI


Yatna to dev janava english essay YATNA TO DEV JANAVA ESSAY IN MARATHI

Hello friends, today we should try to know that God We will look at Marathi essays. The boat does not cross for fear of the waves. Those who try never give up. Fifty year old Vinod Punmiya has covered ‘140 km from Pune to Dombivali’. Crossing the distance on a bicycle and finally crossing the Deccan Queen.

Dombivli station and surroundings How the area was overflowing with people. And when the cycle of ‘Vinod Saheb’ reached, there was only one cheer in the sky. Everyone’s faces were overflowing with excitement and joy.

Vinod Saheb three or four in a row for that For months, Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai had been trying desperately to get on bicycles at wind speeds. He did not look back after deciding to defeat the Deccan Queen on a bicycle.

Your efforts, your practice and yours On the strength of these three, Shraddha, he easily picked up such a big bow. He made the impossible possible and the victory of Punamiya proved that ‘God helps those who help themselves’.

The exact opposite of your avatibhavati The picture appears. People seem to rely more on luck than effort. Success is not achieved, so they blame fate, and such people then fall prey to false fathers. It is natural for the mind to suffer as it happens against the mind,

That is the transformation of failure into success It is justifiable to try new reformers in order to do so.

On the contrary, such supernatural intelligence Even non-ordinary people often seem to succeed by working hard, pursuing honesty. Naturally, the question arises, is it just effort? You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business.

But friends, consistently you If you keep trying, your intelligence will get a kind of edge. Effort is the Lord – Effort is the same God.

Would have relied on fate Would they have done such a great job? Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with motor neurone disease at the age of 21. He was accompanied by a permanent wheelchair and also with a permanent disability.

But research with your superior morale And continued to study and presented astonishing theories to the world. All this is due to Hawking’s pragmatic policy. France’s Lance Armstrong is a priest of effort. He has won the famous Trore de France bicycle race seven times. He continued his practice without hesitation even after he was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Due to leprosy like ‘cancer’ He did not even think that life was too much for him. Self-confidence was dark. The 20-year-old New Zealand adventurer returned after failing to capture the summit of Everest. Both his legs failed.

But the stubbornness was so great that 20 Years later, he climbed Everest again with prosthetic legs and became the first disabled person to conquer Everest. It is just an indomitable will and effort. Abraham Lincoln, the 56-year-old president, is deaf.

So denied admission to the school Dr. Edison Ghulam, who made a name for himself despite his mother’s birth. Carver ‘Infinite Amuchi Dhyayasakti, Infinite An Asha. The shore is weighed down. Columbus sings such a proud song, Sudha Chandran, who came to be known as the best dancer despite losing her leg in an accident,

Sindhutai Sapkaal who became the mother of orphansBaba Amte and his family, who revived leprosy, should give many examples. Those who have reached the pinnacle of success through their own untiring efforts. “I am the captain of my soul, I am the master of my fate.”

Many social reformers are from Anna Nashik Sharda Nikam, who became one with the Dalit form in the slums, became an IAS by working day and night. He had a companion on the way to that place. Only effort – special effort and that goal, it is simply impossible to dismiss such people as success.

“If it’s green, I’ll give it to you when I’m in bed.” As such, those who are staring at the path to success, cannot understand when success has left us. Success in any endeavor requires a lot of hard work. Success also comes in the face of failure. The next line to remember –

“You said, my head is bleeding, I said,

Trust the hand, trust the wrist! “

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