Young Generation Hindi Essay | essay on youth in english

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Young Generation Hindi Essay | essay on youth in english

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Young Generation Hindi Essay | essay on youth in english


Young Generation Hindi Essay | essay on youth in english

Hello friends, today we Young generation Hindi essay You will know essays on this subject. The real power of any nation lies in its young generation. Leaders of different sectors frame the progress and development of the nation. But the task of implementing their plans is done by the young generation of that nation.

Awareness and discipline of the young generation of any nation shows the progress of that nation. The vitality of the nation is introduced by the engagement of this generation, interest in sports, higher education etc. The younger generation presents a true picture of the past, present and future of their nation.

Today, the young generation of India has become angry, distressed and disoriented. Today this generation is seen rising and falling on the waves of time and circumstances like a boat without a sailor. Young people have seen selfish and opportunistic leaders messing with the future of the country.

He has seen greedy leaders conspiring for power. As a result, a flame of discontent and resentment is burning in their minds. No one tries to understand their anguish. People are assuming that today’s young generation has become disoriented.

The dominance of politicians is increasing in our country nowadays. The biggest changes happen at the mere sign of them. Attracted by his hypocrisy and pomp, many young men become his followers. They live in the illusion that their leaders will show them the way to realize their dreams and ambitions.

But selfish leaders abuse their power by not telling them the right direction. For their own selfishness, they sometimes lead those youths towards regionalism, sometimes towards bigotry. Sometimes these leaders abuse their power for linguistic movements, sometimes for communal riots. In the end, these leaders make these young men hardcore criminals.

After getting independence, ‘green revolution’ took place in our country. Substantial progress was also made in the industrial sectors. As a result, per capita income in the country increased and a glimpse of prosperity began to appear all around. The younger generation hoped that they too would get a fair share of this prosperity. But when she saw that the entire prosperity was being looted by the contractors of the society and the country, she was filled with anger and despair. When she saw that her share was only unemployment and underemployment, she fell into indiscipline.

Today, there is no national level leader in this country who presents a great ideal to the younger generation. Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Dr. At the call of great leaders like Rajendra Prasad, Swatantryaveer Savarkar etc., the young generation of that time had given invaluable sacrifices of life in the yajna of freedom struggle.

Today, in the absence of great idealistic leaders, the youth are confused and consider the corrupt as their leader. By abandoning virtues like truthfulness, renunciation, patriotism, discipline, etc., he is becoming fashionable, opportunistic, cruel and selfish.

He has started running away from doing labor and does not hesitate to do the most improper work to become rich overnight. Despite unemployment, unemployment and adverse conditions, millions of youth of this country are anxious to walk on the right path.

The need is for their power to be used in creative works. It is the responsibility of the government, the leaders of the society and the guardians to guide the youth so that their power can be put to good use in building a future India. Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.